Final Fantasy XIV - Feature

A second Final Fantasy XIV box set is now available from Square Enix

Back in 2021 Square Enix released a 4LP box set with music from Final Fantasy XIV and its expansions (followed by a separate LP release for Endwalker in 2022). Now they are ready with a new box set with music that didn’t make the cut for that first release.

The release will be a 5LP set (with a disc for the base game and each main expansion). It will be housed in a box set with each record housed in a jacket matching its corresponding expansion with new artwork by Yoshioka. The release will also include a download code for each disc.

It is priced at ¥13200 and is scheduled to release around December 16, 2023. It can be preordered from Square Enix Japan here.

Please note that these have been confirmed to also release on the North American and European Square Enix stores, although with no note on when exactly they will go up. Additional info such as tracklisting can be found here.

Final Fantasy XIV Vinyl LP Box Set Vol. 2 - Contents