DECO History – Data East Game Music Scene One

LP supposedly released in 1988 by DATAM and Polystar. It contains 12 tracks from the games Stadium Hero, Brey Wood, Garyo Retsuden, Makyou Senshi, Captain Silver, Meikyuu Hunter G, Side Pocket, Last Mission, Dragonninja, Birdie Try, Laser War, and Secret Service.

However, while it is mentioned in a promotional flyer, there has never been found any proof that it was ever released on vinyl – no image, auction listings, etc.

For that reason we assume that it was eventually cancelled and never released on vinyl.

Data East Game Music

LP released in 1988 by G.M.O. Records. Contains 8 tracks from the games Karnov, Atomic Runner Cehknov, Psycho-nics Oscar, Darwin 4078, Super Real Darwin, Heavy Barrel, and Pocket Gal.