Toejam & Earl: Back In The Groove (Original Game Soundtrack)

The official Toejam and Earl Facebook-page have replied to a comment asking if the soundtrack for Toejam And Earl: Back In The Groove will be available on vinyl. The response was: “Yup we’re working with IAM8BIT and will be releasing something like this. We have more music to make first though.

In a backer update on Kickstarter from Februar 11, 2017 they shared the first mockups of the release and mentioned it would be distributed via IndieBox. It later became clear that iam8bit would not be involved, but it is unclear why.

The release is a 2LP on orange and red vinyl. The second disc is single-sided and features and etching of Toejam & Earl. It comes in a gatefold jacket with artwork by Nathan Shorts. It also comes with a small book with concept art and the soundtrack on CD.

On August 5, 2017 they opened preorders for the release. It was originally scheduled to release in Q3, 2017. After reaching out to IndieBox, they replied on October 16, 2017 that the records are on their way from the manufacturer and will begin shipping out as soon as they arrive. The release began shipping in late November, 2017.