Captain Power / Bubble Bobble / Flinthook

Ship To Shore PhonoCo. and Yetee Records partnered up to release a 7″ flexi disc with music from upcoming vinyl relases.

It was initially given away to customers at Ship To Shore’s booth at MondoCon 2017, but were later included with orders from The Yetee and Ship To Shore’s web stores.

Flinthook Original Soundtrack

Yetee Records have released Patrice Bourgeault’s soundtrack to the game Flinthook on vinyl.

It comes on a single LP on pink vinyl and comes in a special record jacket designed by Drew Wise. Album art is by Stephanie Bourgeault.

Preorders for the release opened on November 27, 2017. It was scheduled to release February, 2018, but shipped late March 2018 after a small delay.