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Season themes from Arknights getting released on vinyl

Monster Siren Records are releasing the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter themes from Arknights on vinyl.

The release will be a single 12″ on black vinyl. It will be housed in a jacket featuring game art. It will also include four acrylic stands with character art and postcards.

It is priced at 199 RMB and is scheduled to release in mid/late-January, 2022. It can be preordered via TMall here.
Please note that it is a Chinese store and will require a Chinese address or use of a proxy service to order.

Arknights: Seasons - Front

Arknights Ambience Synesthesia vinyl releases up for preorder

Monster Siren Records are releasing a new batch of 12″ releases for the mobile strategy game Arknights for their Ambience Synesthesia concert event.

There will be four different sets and they will each be a black vinyl single-sided 12″s housed in a custom gatefold jacket. Each will be part of a gift box set that also includes a small plush toy and a plastic wallet.

They are priced at 199RMB each and appear to be in-stock, but are also listed as a presale, so it’s a little unclear when they will start shipping. They can be preordered from TMall here (although they will require the use of a proxy service for orders outside of China).

Arknights Ambience Synasthesia - Cannot Wait For
Arknights Ambience Synasthesia - Manifesto
Arknights Ambience Synasthesia - Symphony
Arknights Ambience Synasthesia - Orchestra
Arknights Ambience Synasthesia - Gatefold

Three Arknights Contingency Contract 12″s up for preorder

Monster Siren Records are releasing three 12″ records for the mobile game Arknights’ Contingency Contract events. The records are for the events Operation Pyrite, Operation Blade and Operation Cinder.

Due to sparse release info it’s unclear exactly which tracks are included on these. Presumably they are similar to last year’s Arknight 12″, where it’s a single track on a single-sided record, but this has not been confirmed.

All three titles appear to be on clear vinyl and housed in single-pocket jackets featuring game art for their respective events. They will also include a sticker set each.

They are priced at 159 RMB each and are scheduled to release in late May, 2021. They can be preordered from TMall here, but please note that they only ship domestically in China.

Arknights CC: Operation Pyrite - Front
Arknights CC: Operation Blade - Front
Arknights CC: Operation Cinder - Front