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Makeup And Vanity Set’s Brigador Soundtrack will be released on vinyl

The developers of Brigador (an early access isometric mech game) have made an announcement on Steam today saying that the game’s soundtrack will be released on 2LP vinyl later this year. The soundtrack is done by synthwave artist Makeup And Vanity Set who have uploaded a few tracks from the soundtrack to Soundbutt.

There are no specifics on a release date other than preorders are set to open “in the near future”. It will be released by Yewknee Records and Telefuture.

UPDATE: Volume 1 preorders opened June 2, 2016 and can be placed via Makeup And Vanity Set’s Bandcamp. It’s limited to 500 copies and is set to release in August 2016.
It’s a 1LP, however, Volume 2 is set to release later this year and will be a 2LP.

Brigador Volume I - Mockup