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Black Screen Records ready with Demon Turf vinyl soundtrack preorder

Black Screen Records have just opened up preorders for a vinyl release of music from the new 2D-goes-3D platformer Demon Turf. The music included will be the “RX album” which is a remix album mixing the full OST in new and different ways by the original composers.

The release will be a single 180g LP on violet colored vinyl. It will be housed in a single-pocket jacket with artwork by Priscilla Bampoh. It will also include two enamel pins and a download card for the full digital soundtrack.

It is priced at €26 and is scheduled to release in January, 2022. It can be preordered via Black Screen Records here.

Demon Turf - Front
Demon Turf - Back

Black Screen Records releasing a free indie game vinyl compilation

You read that right. Free. In celebration of Black Screen Record’s fifth anniversary they are releasing a compilation LP with 14 tracks from as many different new indie games for free.

The release will feature music from the following games: Lunark, Demon Turf, Melon Journey 2, Eastward, Paradise Killer, Temtem, Cris Tales, Cassette Beasts, Bushiden, Orange Island, The Wild At Heart, Backbone, Anew: The Distant Light, and No Place For Bravery.

The album is a single LP on black vinyl and will be housed in a regular LP jacket with original artwork by Drew Wise. It will also come with stickers and a 12-page flyer.

It is priced at ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SO GO GET IT and is scheduled to release in October, 2020. It will only be available this month and only while stock lasts. It can be preordered from Black Screen Records here.

It is also worth noting that they are selling discounted albums with minor cosmetic damage at a discount here, as well as running discounts on several of their in-stock items on their site.

Sounds Of Summer 2020 - Front
Sounds Of Summer 2020 - Back