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Wayô Records to release Ys: The Oath In Felghana and Ys III on vinyl

Wayô Records teased a new partnership with Nihon Falcom a few days ago and now they’ve launched preorders for the first title from this – the soundtrack to action JRPGs Ys: The Oath In Felghana and Ys III: Wanderers From Ys.

The release will be a 3LP with two records on purple marbled and the last on red marbled colored vinyl (limited to 500 copies). It will be housed in a box set with game art and includes printed inner sleeves, a 16-page booklet with illustrations, and a world map. First 500 copies will also include a shikishi art print.

It is priced at €67.50 (before tax) and is set to release in Fall 2021. It can be preordered from Wayô Records here.

Ys: The Oath In Felghana - Front
Ys: The Oath In Felghana - Promo

Ys & Ys II vinyl reissues up for preorder via Streaming Arrow

Streaming Arrow Records recently announced that they would be teaming up with Japanese developer Nihon Falcom for a release of the classic PC-88 soundtracks to Ys and Ys II.

Both releases will include extra tracks outside of the PC-88 soundtrack, such as arrangements, unused tracks and tracks made for ports of the games.

Both releases will be 180g 2LPs available in multiple variants and will be housed in a sturdy single pocket jacket with an obi strip. They will both include an art print insert.
Ys II will feature an etching of the Ys series logo on side D.

Ys will be available on a limited edition orange-in-electric blue transparent vinyl variant, an electric blue transparent vinyl variant, and a black vinyl variant.
Ys II will be available on a limited edition black with red and cyan splatter vinyl variant, an opaque red vinyl variant, and a black vinyl variant.

Both releases are priced at $38 and are scheduled to release in late April, 2020. Both releases are open preorders, which will close on January 4, 2020 after which the limited editions will not be made available again.
Ys can be preordereed from Streaming Arrow here, and Ys II here.

Ys - Limited Front
Ys - Color Front
Ys - Back
Ys II - Limited Front
Ys II - Color Front
Ys II - Back