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Preorders for Brave Wave’s Blaster Master Zero 1 & 2 releases are now live

Brave Wave announced a partnership with Sunsoft late last month and now we are seeing the fruits of that as they are opening preorders for the vinyl soundtracks to Blaster Master Zero and Blaster Master Zero 2. Both of these will be part of their Generation Series.

Both soundtracks will be available individually on 180g 2LP sets housed in gatefold jackets with game art.
Additionally they will also be made available together in a 4LP box set housing both gatefold sets. The box set will come in two variants – a standard black variant as well as a limited edition variant on pink, red, blue and purple colored vinyl. The limited edition will be signed by composer Ippo Yamada and will be limited to 550 copies total.

All variants of these releases will include a booklet with artwork and liner notes from people involved with the game. A download card for a digital copy of the soundtrack will also be included.

The standard editions will be priced at $38/€36 each, while the standard box will be $90 and the limited box set $100/€90. They are available to preorder now from BigWax from these links:

They will be available from Limited Run Games later today at 10AM ET from the following links:

Blaster Master Zero - 2LP
Blaster Master Zero 2 - 2LP
Blaster Master Zero 1&2 - Limited Box Set

Brave Wave’s The King Of Fighters ’98 2LP now up for preorder

Earlier this month Brave Wave announced that they will be releasing the soundstracks to the entire The King Of Fighters series on vinyl – starting with The King Of Fighters ’98.

The release will be a 2LP housed in a gatefold jacket with game art. It will include a booklet with artwork and liner notes from the people involved with the game.

There will be a standard black variant as well as a limited edition orange and grey colored vinyl signed by composer Hideki “sha-v” Asanaka.

It is priced at €36/$38 for the standard and €46/$48 for the limited edition with both edition scheduled to release in September, 2020.
It can be preordered from BigWax (EU/ROW) here. From 10AM ET the standard can also be preordered from Limited Run Games here and the limited edition here.

The King Of Fighters '98 - Limited Edition
The King Of Fighters '98 - Standard Edition

New label announces Street Fighter II Arcade OST on vinyl

A new label dedicated to releasing video game music on physical media called Generation Series have announced that it’s releasing the soundtrack to Street Fighter II Arcade on vinyl and CD.

Generation series appears to be a sublabel to Brave Wave, which is a label run by VGM fans and have previously released alternate versions and “inspired by”-VGM soundtracks on CD and digital.

The release info notes:

The soundtrack release will include new remasters of both CPS-1 and CPS-2 versions of the arcade game, extracted directly from the arcade boards and approved by original composer Yoko Shimomura.

The vinyl will be on translucent red and will feature art prints from Capcom’s archives as well as liner notes from Yoko Shimomura. See the artwork below: