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The Celeste B-Sides vinyl preorders are now live

We’ve known it’s been coming for some time, but there’s finally preorders and a release date up for Ship To Shore PhonoCo.’s vinyl release of the B-Sides music from Celeste.

The release will be a single LP housed in a regular LP jacket with new artwork by Drew Wise. It will be available in three color variants – a purple/pink split color vinyl exclusive to Ship To Shore’s store, a crystal clear retail variant, and a purple-in-clear variant exclusive to Black Screen Records.

Early orders from Ship To Shore’s store will also include one of two exclusive flexi discs with an 8-bit remix track (as long as stock lasts).

It is priced at $27 (€30 for the EU version) and is scheduled to release in early July, 2019 (and a little later for the EU version).
It can be ordered from Ship To Shore here and from Black Screen Records here.

Celeste B-Sides - Split Vinyl
Celeste B-Sides - Color-In-Color Vinyl