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Tears Of Themis vinyl gift box soundtracks available to preorder

Developer miHoYo have opened preorders for four separate gift box sets that includes a selection of music from their detective adventure game Tears Of Themis on vinyl and CD. The four sets are subtitled Arbiter’s Stratagem, Love Upon Wings In Your Heart, Marvelous Moments, and Summers Past respectively and each vinyl record will contain different music.

The vinyl releases will each be a 12″ on black vinyl. They will be housed in a single-pocket jacket with different game artwork relating to each different themed gift box. The gift box will also include sheet music, an acrylic pendant, a badge, replica concert ticket stubs and a download card for an in-game badge.

They are priced at 199 yuan each (although are priced at 179 yuan as an early bird offer until June 2, 2023) and are all scheduled to release in mid-November, 2023.

They can be preordered via Taobao via the links below, although please note that you will likely need to use a proxy service if ordering outside of China:

Tears Of Themis: Arbiter's Stratagem - Contents
Tears Of Themis: Love Upon Wings In Your Heart - Contents
Tears Of Themis: Marvelous Moments - Contents
Tears Of Themis: Summers Past - Contents