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Respawned Records ready with preorders for new Metroid arrangement album

Respawned Records are ready with vinyl preorders for a new Metroid series arrangement album called Phazon Mutations.

The release will be a single LP available in two color variants – a “galaxy” pink and green swirl with black splatter variant, and a “Mutation Hazard” green and red pinwheel with black splatter variant.
It will be housed in a single-pocket jacket with new artwork by Abigail Griglock (Silvermilk) and also includes an art insert.

It is priced at $30 and is scheduled to release in June, 2023. It can be preordered from Respawned Records here.

EU folks can also preorder from Black Screen Records here.

Phazon Mutations - Front
Phazon Mutations - Pink Vinyl

Donkey Kong 64 arrangement album now up for preorder via Respawned

Respawned Records have launched preorders for an orchestral arrangement album of music from Donkey Kong 64 titled “Simian Symphony”.

The release will be available in two variants – a “Banana Hoard” yellow swirl colored vinyl variant, and a “Krusha K. Rool” green splatter colored vinyl variant. Both variants will feature an etching on the D-side.
It will be housed in a gatefold jacket with new art by GnrtnmArt. It will also include an insert with new artwork.

It is priced at $40 and is in-hand and scheduled to ship soon. It can be ordered from Respawned Records here.

EU customers will also be able to order this from Black Screen Records at a later time.

Simian Symphony - Front
Simian Symphony - Contents
Simian Symphony - Green Vinyl