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RuneScape: Elder God Wars vinyl release up for preorder via Laced Records

Laced Records are ready with a new RuneScape vinyl release – this time it’s for Elder God Wars. They have previously released four other RuneScape albums on vinyl.

The release will be a 2LP on clear with orange splatter and clear with green splatter colored vinyl. It will be housed in a gatefold jacket with artwork by developed Jagex.

It is priced at £33 and is scheduled to release in April, 2023. It can be preordered from Laced Records here.

RuneScape: Elder God Wars - Contents

More RuneScape vinyl soundtracks up via Laced Records

Laced Records are taking preorders for two RuneScape albumsBack in 2018 Laced Records released two RuneScape albums on vinyl and now they’re back with two new ones titled “Old School Combat Classics” and “God Wars Dungeon”.

Both releases will be 2LPs on 180g colored vinyl and housed in gatefold jackets with game art. Old School Combat Classics will be on a red and orange swirl colored vinyl, while God Wars Dungeon will be on blue and purple swirl colored vinyl.
Both releases will also come with a download for a digital copy of the music.

Both are priced at £33/$35 and are scheduled to release in late June, 2021. Old School Combat Classics can be preordered from Laced here and God Wars Dungeon here.

RuneScape: Old School Combat Classics - Contents
RuneScape: God Wars Dungeon - Contents

Laced Records are taking preorders for two RuneScape albums

Laced Records have just opened preorders for two new RuneScape albums. One is titled “RuneScape: Original Soundtrack Classics” and features a selection of original tracks from the game. The other is titled “RuneScape: The Orchestral Album” and features orchestral arrangements performed by The Philharmonia Orchestra and The Slovak National Symphony Orchestra.

Both albums will be 2LPs and housed in gatefold jackets. The “Original Soundtrack Classics” album will be a 180g red vinyl, while “The Orchestral Album” will be on 180g black vinyl. Both albums will include a digital download code.

They are both priced at €33 and are scheduled to release in December 2018. They can be preordered from Laced Records’ store here now.

Runescape - Soundtrack Classics Front Runescape - Soundtrack Classics Gatefold Runescape - Orchestral Album Front Runescape - Orchestral Album Gatefold