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The Elder Scrolls Online vinyl box set up for preorder via Spacelab9

Spacelab9 have just launched preorders for a vinyl soundtrack selection of music from the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online.

The release will be a 4LP set available in three different variants – a 140g “Earth Forge” white-in-clear with black splatter variant, a 140g “Gold Nugget” gold colored variant, and a 180g black variant.
The records will be housed in a quadfold jacket within a slipcase box set with game art. The set will also include an 8-page booklet with game arts and liner notes by composer Brad Derrick.

It is priced at $120 and is scheduled to release in March, 2022. It can be preordered from Spacelab9 here.

The Elder Scrolls Online - Contents
The Elder Scrolls Online - Vinyl Splatter
The Elder Scrolls Online - Vinyl Gold

Spacelab9 preorders for Mass Effect Trilogy vinyl box are now live

Spacelab9’s long-hyped release of music from classic sci-fi RPG trilogy Mass Effect is at long last open up for preorders.

The release will be a 4LP box set in three variants – a 180g black vinyl variant, a 140g “Urdnot Wrex” red colored vinyl variant, and a 140g “N7” white, red and black tricolor vinyl variant.
The set will be housed in a quadfold jacket within a slipcase box set with foil-stamped artwork. Preroders for Spacelab9 will also include a slipmat.

It is priced at $100 and is scheduled to release in September, 2021. It can be preordered from Spacelab9 here.

Mass Effect Trilogy - Front
Mass Effect Trilogy - Quadfold
Mass Effect Trilogy - Red Vinyl
Mass Effect Trilogy - Tricolor Vinyl

Spacelab9 ready with preorders for Rush’n Attack 7″

Spacelab9 have just opened up for their vinyl release of music to the Konami NES run and gun game Rush’n Attack (also known as Green Beret).

The release will be a 7″ on red vinyl and will come in a regular 7″ jacket with game art. Orders from Spacelab9 will come in a NES cart-style slipcase. It is limited to 250 copies.

It is priced at $18 and is scheduled to ship in July, 2020. It can be preordered from Spacelab9 here.

Rush'n Attack - Front
Rush'n Attack - Back

Spacelab9 ready with Fallout 3 box set and radio songs LP preorders

Spacelab9 have just opened up preorders for their new Fallout 3: 10th Anniversary Box Set as well as the standalone LP “Radio Selections From The Fallout 3 Soundtrack”.

The box set will be a 4LP with 3LPs containing the remastered original score and the last LP containing the radio song selection. The score discs will be available on “Wasteland” clear with black smoke colored vinyl and “Vault Boy 2.0” blue and yellow swirl vinyl. The radio LP comes on black vinyl in both sets.
The box also comes with a 7″x7″ baby book and a sticker sheet.The set is limited to 200 copies for each color variant.

The radio songs LP will be on black vinyl and comes in a die-cut LP jacket with art deco-style artwork.

The box set is priced at $125 and the radio songs LP is priced at $35. The box set is scheduled to release in Q3 2019, and there’s no date listed for the radio songs LP, but presumably they will release around the same time.

US/ROW customers can order the box set from here, and EU/UK customers here.

US/ROW customers can order the radio songs LP from here, and EU/UK customers here.

Fallout 3 - Box Contents
Fallout 3 - Box Yellow/Blue Vinyl
Fallout 3 - Box Clear/Black Vinyl
Fallout 3 - Radio Songs Back

Spacelab9 to release Outlast: Trilogy Of Terror on vinyl

In their newsletter yesterday Spacelab9 announced details on their long-teased release of Outlast: Trilogy Of Terror. The release will includes the full score to Outlast, the Whistleblower DLC, and Outlast 2.

The release will be a 2LP on glow-in-the-dark vinyl. It will come in a die-cut jacket insert with different scenes from the games that lets you change what is shown on the front cover. It will be limited to 300 copies.

There are no words on price and an exact release date yet, but preorders open today (October 27) at 10AM EST via Spacelab9’s website.

Outlast: Trilogy Of Terror - Front

Spacelab9 to release the soundtrack to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Claptastic Voyage

It was announced without details in the Spacelab9 newsletter quite a while ago now, but we finally have a release date and new info for the vinyl release of the Claptastic Voyage DLC for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

The release will be a single LP housed in a gatefold jacket with artwork from the game. It will be available in three different color variants – “Claptrap” opaque yellow, “Claptrap’s consciousness” green translucent with green splatter, and “Sys_Admin” purple translucent with purple splatter.

Currently there is only information out about the yellow variant, which will be available exclusively from ThinkGeek. It’s likely that the other variants will be available from Spacelab9’s own site at a later date.

It will be priced at $35. It can be ordered from ThinkGeek’s site here on May 11, 2018.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Claptastic Voyage - Front & Back Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Claptastic Voyage - Gatefold Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Claptastic Voyage - Records

Spacelab9 is releasing a new Namco arcade music compilation

Spacelab9 have been teasing this release in their newsletters for some time and today a listing for it appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

The release will have music and sounds from the following Namco arcade titles: Pac-Man, Galaga, New Rally X, Mappy, Xevious, Dig Dug, Bosconian, Gaplus, Dragon Buster, The Tower of Druaga, Sky Kid, The Return of Ishtar, Rolling Thunder, and Splatterhouse.

It will be a single LP on “pixel explosion” clear vinyl with multicolor splatter.  The release is housed inside a regular LP jacket and comes with a booklet detailing the games represented on the album.

It is priced at $35 and can be ordered from ThinkGeek here now. As mentioned earlier, this listing appeared suddenly and without a word from Spacelab9 so it’s currently unclear whether there will be other color variants later on.

UPDATE: Spacelab9 have now sent out a newsletter detailing 2 exclusive variants. They will have a “Pac-Man” yellow and clear variant and a “Galaga” grey and black split variant. Both will be limited to 200 copies each with 150 of the Galaga variants reserved for European customers. Orders for both will open on March 2, 2018 from Spacelab9’s website.

Namco Arcade - Cover + Booklet Namco Arcade - Vinyl

Namco Arcade - Pac-Man Variant Namco Arcade - Galaga Variant

Spacelab9’s Skyrim release is now ready to order

It was originally teased in a newsletter back in April, but now it’s here – Spacelab9 is releasing Jeremy Soule’s acclaimed soundtrack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on vinyl.

The release will be a box set with 4 LPs on “Dragonborn” silver-grey with black splatter. The records will be housed in a quad-fold jacket inside a thick cardboard slipcase. The final side on disc 4 features an etching of the game’s dragon logo.

If you’re lucky enough to be at New York Comic-Con this weekend (October 5-8, 2017) Spacelab9 will be selling an exclusive “Sweet Roll” variant on orange & white merge colored vinyl.

The release is priced at $80 and is scheduled to start shipping shortly.

You can order the “Dragonborn” variant via ThinkGeek here. It will supposedly be available from Bethesda’s store later and I will update with a link when that happens.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Records (Dragonborn Variant) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Records (Sweet Roll Variant) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Box & Jacket

Spacelab9 is releasing the soundtracks to Dark Souls I-III on vinyl

Spacelab9 have previously announced that they will be releasing the soundtrack to all three Dark Souls games on vinyl in collaboration with Bandai Namco – and now they’re here!

All three soundtracks will be individual 2LP sets on different colored vinyl. Dark Souls will be on clear with blue swirl, Dark Souls II will be on red with black swirl, and Dark Souls III will be on green with black swirl.

The Dark Souls release will also feature music from the Artorias of the Abyss DLC.

Spacelab9 will have 3 exclusive “blue eye orb” colorway variants available on their store on Friday July 21, 2017 at 1:30PM EST. These are limited to 100 copies each.

All 3 sets are priced at $35 and are available via ThinkGeek here now.

Dark Souls - Front & Back Dark Souls - Record Dark Souls 2 - Front & Back Dark Souls 2 - Gatefold Dark Souls 2 - Record Dark Souls 3 - Front & Back Dark Souls 3 - Gatefold Dark Souls 3 - Record

The soundtrack to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can be ordered on vinyl this week

It’s been a while since Spacelab9 casually announced that they would be releasing Marcin Przybyłowicz’ soundtrack to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on vinyl in the bottom of their newsletter.

Now we do have some details on not just one, but two different versions of the soundtrack.

The first will be a 2LP on “wolf emblem” silver grey colored vinyl and has the full 35-track soundtrack. The second will be a limited edition 3LP on red and blue vinyl and has the full 35-track soundtrack on the first two records and the Heart of Stone DLC soundtrack on the third.

Both will be housed in a triple gatefold jacket that features brand new new custom artwork.

The 2LP variant is priced at $30 and will be available exclusively from ThinkGeek on June 2, 2017 via this link.

The 3LP variant is priced at €40 and is available exclusively through Game Legends right now via this link. According to Game Legends the 3LP is limited to just 100 copies, so you probably shouldn’t wait too long if you’re going for that one.

The Witcher 3 - Silver Vinyl The Witcher 3 - Red & Blue Vinyl The Witcher 3 - Gatefold