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Shag’s hip hop remix of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is getting a vinyl release

German label VinylDigital have announced that they will be releasing Shag’s “Flyrule” album on vinyl. The album was originally released digitally in 2011 and features instrumental hip hop remixes of tracks from the The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time soundtrack.

The release will be a single LP in a regular record jacket sporting new artwork by Micha Quär. The LP comes on gold-colored vinyl and will be limited to 300 copies.

The release is priced at €17 and is scheduled to release on May 26, 2017. It can be preordered now via VinylDigital’s online store here.

Flyrule - Front & Vinyl

Materia Collective is Kickstarting a live recording of a musical retelling of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

And yes, there’s a vinyl option!

The project is called Hero of Time and is “a musical retelling of the story of Ocarina of Time, including key moments that occur before the game’s beginning and during Link’s concealment for seven years”. It will be an hour-long recording of new musical arrangements recorded live by a 64-person orchestra (the orchestra might grow even larger depending how much backing they can get).

The vinyl option is at the $100 tier and will also come with a digital download of the recording, a CD, and a signed postcard. While the price might seem steep to some, keep in mind that this Kickstarter is also for making this recording happen in the first place.

They do note in the Kickstarter that they’re planning a pre-sale for non-backers if the funding is succesful, so there might be an extra chance to get a vinyl copy then.

The Kickstarter opened today, September 30, and runs until October 31, 2016. If it is succesfully funded rewards are scheduled to go out in March 2017.

If it sounds like something for you, then you can check out the Kickstarter here.