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Gust are releasing five Atelier 7″ records for series’ 25th anniversary

Developer Gust are releasing five different 7″ records for the Atelier role-playing game series for the 25th anniversary of the series. The games represented are Atelier Marie, Atelier Elie, Atelier Lilie, Atelier Judie and Atelier Violet (or the Salburg and Gramnad series).

All five releases will be 7″ records housed in 7″ jackets with art from their respective game. They will all be 33RPM and feature 4 songs each. They will also all include a download code for digital copies of the tracks.

They are priced at ¥2640 each and will require a proxy service in order to place an order (unless you have a Japanese address available). There are currently no estimate for release date listed.

They can all be preordered via Gust’s store here (you can switch between the different titles in the dropdown and there are also bundle options although there do not appear to be any savings with those).

Atelier Vols. 1-3 - Front
Atelier Vols. 4-5 - Front

The “Diggin’ In The Carts” compilation is now up for preorder via Hyperdub

Back when the “Diggin’ In The Carts: A Collection Of Pioneering Japanese Video Game Music” album was first made available for CD and digital it had a small note at the store page saying a vinyl version would come later – and now it’s available to order!

Curated by Nick Dwyer and Kode9 as part of Red Bull Radio’s “Diggin’ In The Carts” online radio show on Japanese game music, the album features 34 tracks from 32 different Japanese games from 9 different gaming systems.

The following games are represented: ActRaiser, Alcahest, Alien Soldier, Chatty, Cosmic Wars, Dezaemon, DragonGun, Esper Dream 2, Genpei Toumaden, Gofer no Yabou Episode II, Golden Axe: The Duel, Gradius, Gradius 2, Hisou Kihei X Serd, Illusion City: Genei Toshi, Liquid Kids, Mahjong Touhhaiden, Megapanel, Metal Black, Metal Stoker, Motocross Maniacs, Mouryou Senki Madera, Quarth, Solomon’s Key, Super Royal Blood, Tarot Mystery, Thunder Force IV, Time Cruise II, Valkyrie no Densetsu, Vixen 357, Xak II, and Youjuu Kikouhei WerDragon.

The release will be a 180g 2LP with one orange and one green disc. It will be housed in a gatefold jacket with original artwork by Koji Morimito. It will also includes 3 12″ cardboard art prints with a manga, cover art and notes about the creation of this album.

It is priced at £30 and is scheduled to release around July 20, 2018. It can be preordered via Hyperdub’s Bandcamp here now.

Diggin' In The Carts - Contents