Thunder Force IV - Feature

Thunder Force IV is now available from Data Discs

Data Discs teased it late last year and finally confirmed a release date a few day ago. That day is now and orders for their Thunder Force IV (known in the US as Lightening Force) release are now open.

The release will be a 3LP and as usual it will be available in three variants. They will have a limited edition blue, black and grey swirl colored vinyl variant, an opaque blue vinyl variant, and a classic black vinyl variant.

The set will also come with a lithographic print and a fold-out poster with game art. Furthermore, it will not only contain the full game soundtrack, but also 10 unused “omake” tracks.

The release is priced at £32 and is in stock. They expect to be able to ship out all orders before the end of April, 2019.
It can be preordered from Data Discs here.

Thunder Force IV - Limited Edition