Project Sidologie

During a succesful Kickstarter campaign, for a Commodore 64 music compilation done in the style of Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis and created by C64Audio, backers could opt for a double vinyl option. A full tracklist isn’t available yet. It’s currently set for a February, 2016 release.

UPDATE: A July Kickstarter update says that the vinyl record is scheduled for September 2016.

UPDATE 2: As of early October, 2016 I haven’t heard any news on the records going out to backers.

UPDATE 3: I’ve been informed by C64Audio, that the vinyl release currently isn’t expected until Q2 2017.

UPDATE 4: We’re past Q2 2017 now, but preorders have opened on C64Audio so it appears it will be released soon.

UPDATE 5: As of December 2017 there are no news on when this will release.

Release Date:December 31, 2018
Game(s):, , , , , , , , , ,
Release Country:UK
Classification:Arrangement / Covers,
Vinyl Color:Black
Format:2xLP, Album,
Source []
Order through [SOLD OUT]
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