Blip Blop In Media

This is a collection of posts, podcasts and videos that I have written, participated in or contributed to for labels and other content creators over the years.


Are bootleg game soundtracks damaging the industry?“, Mat Ombler,, May 6, 2020

Blog posts

Indelible indie video game music moments“, Laced With Wax, January 20, 2020

A Small Guide to 1980’s Japanese Video Game Music on Vinyl“, Ship To Shore PhonoCo. Blog, September 9, 2018

Wacky wax: 17 visually arresting vinyl from around the web“, Laced With Wax, February 17, 2018

Allure of the obscure: Game music buffs pick their favourite deep cuts“, Laced With Wax, November 29, 2017

Why we ❤️ game music: Scratching the vinyl itch“, Laced With Wax, November 1, 2017

We ❤ Nobuo Uematsu: A celebration of the master’s work“, Laced With Wax, June 9, 2017

Remember me: Favourite game music moments of the VGM community“, Laced With Wax, February 22, 2017

Blip Blop on the music of Red Dead Redemption (and why that vinyl is so damn rare)“, Laced With Wax, November 1, 2016

Blip Blop on vinyl: The ritual, the record sleeve and regressing from CDs“, Laced With Wax, September 14, 2016


Episode 74: Best of 2020“, Video Game Grooves, December 31, 2020

Episode 63: Namco Game Music Vol 2, Suite Dragon Quest 2“, Video Game Grooves, May 9, 2020

Episode 55: Best of 2019“, Video Game Grooves, December 26, 2019

Episode 37: Best of 2018“, Video Game Grooves, December 13, 2018

Episode 29: Cruise Chaser Blassty, Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished Final Chapter“, Video Game Grooves, July 5, 2018

Episode 17: Best of 2017“, Video Game Grooves, December 16, 2017


One of the BIGGEST VGM VINYL COLLECTIONS in the world“, Space Quest Historian, August 18, 2020

Random Talkshow VII: Interview with Blip Blop“, BenyoBoy, December 1, 2016