Guilty Gear Xrd Sound Live 2014 Archives

The special “Let’s Rock Edition” of Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- comes with the games soundtrack on CD as well as composer Daisuke Ishiwatari’s live performance of Guilty Gear tracks at Sound Live 2014 on 2LP red vinyl.

The entire set also includes the game for PS3 or PS4, an art book and the soundtrack on CD. It was released in July 2016.

Superbeat Xonic: The X-Otic Limited Edition

The limited edition version of Superbeat Xonic includes a 2LP with the game’s soundtrack in a special box set. The set is limited to 450 copies in NA and 500 copies in EU and was released on October 27 by PM Studios and Nurijoy.

In addition to the 2LP and the game the limited edition version also includes the soundtrack on CD. It is all housed in a special box set.