Diggin’ In The Carts, A Collection Of Pioneering Japanese Video Game Music

Hyperdub have announced that they will be releasing their compilation album “Diggin’ In The Carts, A Collection Of Pioneering Japanese Video Game Music” on vinyl.

No specifics on the vinyl release have been announced other than it being scheduled to release aroung February 16, 2018.

Keep in mind that the composers and games shown below are taken from the digital version of this release and might not be exactly the same as what will be put on the vinyl release.

Arcade Classics Volume 3

Ship To Shore PhonoCo. will be releasing a series of compilation albums with music from Taito arcade games.

Back in February 2016 they revealed that Bubble Bobble, Gun Frontier and PuLiRuLa would be on one of these. In an interview with GamesRadar in December 2016 it was revealed that Bubble Symphony and RayForce will also be included.

On December 1, 2017 Ship To Shore posted a video of a test pressing of this release playing a track from PuLiRuLa and stating it would be released in early 2018.

Phantom / Game Boys

A 12″ containing remade versions of Bubble Bobble music alongside a video game medley by the duo Game Boys was released on Full Time Records in 1993.

Big Twice: Push > Start

10″ on neon yellow vinyl released in 2014 alongside the book “Push > Start: The Art Of Video Games” by Stephan Günzel. It was published by EarBooks.

The 10″ features remixes done by Big Twice of music from the games Castlevania, Super Mario Bros., Mega Man 2, Ninja Gaiden, Street Fighter, Space Harrier, Puzzle Bobble, and Tetris.