Distant Worlds IV: More Music From Final Fantasy

AWR Records have releasing the soundtrack to the orchestral Final Fantasy arrangement album Distant Worlds IV on vinyl.

It is a 2LP on clear vinyl. It is housed in a gatefold jacket with photos from the recording sessions alongside performer credits.

Orders opened on June 18, 2020 and it began shipping out shortly after.

Distant Worlds III: More Music From Final Fantasy

AWR Records have released the orchestral arrangement album Distant Worlds III: More Music From Final Fantasy on vinyl.

The release is a 2LP on blue translucent vinyl and comes in a gatefold jacket.

Preorders opened on December 5, 2018 and it began shipping out on December 10, 2018.

Final Symphony – Music From Final Fantasy VI, VII And X

Laced Records have released London Symphony Orchestra’s Final Symphony on vinyl.

The album is a 3LP on black vinyl and features new art from Tom Baxter and Caspar Newbolt. Final Symphony features arranged music from Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy X.

Preorders opened on October 25, 2016 and it was released December 2016.

W/F: Music From Final Fantasy XIII

An LP with a selection of Masashi Hamauzu’s tracks from Final Fantasy XIII have been released on vinyl by Square Enix.

This was only released in Japan.

Final Symphony

A selection of tracks from London Symphony Orchestra’s Final Symphony concerts have been released as a promotional LP. It was released by Merregnon Studios in 2015.

Final Fantasy Orchestral Album

A box set featuring a blu ray and an LP featuring orchestral versions of a variety of tracks from the Final Fantasy series have been released.

Please note that this page will focus on the LP over the blu ray (although there will be some overlaps).