Drift Stage Volume One & Two

Super Systems Softworks announced that Ghost Ramp will be releasing the full soundtrack to their game Drift Stage alongside a series of 7″s with tracks from the game. The soundtrack is done by Myrone.

In a Kickstarter update from November 28, 2017 the developers announced that they wouldn’t be focusing on releasing a physical soundtrack until the game was ready to release. However, they did also share some mockups of the vinyl release.

The 7″s were released, however due to the game’s cancellation it is unlikely that the full soundtrack will be released on vinyl.

Drift Stage (Keizai)

On March 28 Ghost Ramp tweeted the cover art for a second Drift Stage release with the words “Round 2”. It is shaped after the “Keizai” model car from the game and feature the tracks Applied Dynamics and Touge Run.

On April 18 it was announced that the record is being manufactured at the pressing plant and on May 31 preorders opened. The album started shipping out late July/early August 2016.

Drift Stage (Tedesco)

A 7″ with two tracks from the game Drift Stage have been released by Ghost Ramp.

It comes on a car-shaped 7″ picture disc (modelled after the in-game car Tedesco) and is limited to 500 copies. It features the tracks Drift Stage Main Theme and Exclusive Coupé by Myrone. Pre-orders opened on Nov 16, 2015 and the release started shipping late February, 2016.