LSD Revamped

Ship To Shore PhonoCo. have released the “revamped” soundtrack to LSD: Dream Emulator.

The tracklist for the release have been rearranged for the vinyl release by Osamu Sato in order to better fit the vinyl format.

The release is a 3LP on red vinyl. It comes in a triple gatefold jacket with artwork by Osamu Sato.

Orders opened on March 28, 2019 and it began shipping out shortly after.

All Things Must Be Equal

Sleepers Records have released an album with music by Osamu Sato. It will include a series of original tracks as well as new mixes of two tracks from the games LSD: Dream Emulator and Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls Of Tong-Nou. It is known as the BLN Edition (with the CD version being known as the TYO Edition).

It will be a single LP on black vinyl. It is limited to 500 copies.

It began shipping on January 26, 2018.