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As of May 25, 2018 the “General Data Protection Regulation” or simply GDPR will go into effect. To best comply with this here’s a nice little Q&A format of what happens with your data.

What information is being collected?

Google Analytics collects data about site visitors’ use patterns on the site (what pages they see and how long they are on each page), location data (down to city), browser type, device, and where users come from (i.e. Google, social media sites, blogs, etc.).

Hotjar is tracking user patterns, such as where people are clicking, what links are being clicked the most, what parts of the site are people actually interacting with.

Contact Forms are your standard contact form for people who want to get in touch with blip blop. It is also occasionally used for contests.

Who is collecting it?

Data is being collected by blip blop – a website operated by one person only.

How is it collected?

It is being collected via cookies installed in your browser. See more about cookies further down this page.

Why is it being collected?

Google Analytics and Hotjar are used for my yearly site reports as well as improving the site. That’s best achieved by knowing how people use the site and I get that insight from those services.

Name and e-mail are collected through contact forms with the purpose of being able to get back to whoever wants to get in touch with me or if you won a contest.

How will it be used?

It will be used to see changes in visitor behavior over time, so that I can evaluate if certain things on the site needs be adjusted.

Who will it be shared with?

Name and e-mail from contests will be shared with potential partners or sponsors of the contest, but only for the winner(s) and only for the purpose of getting their prize shipped to them.

Other than that blip blop will NOT be distributing any collected data directly to third parties. I cannot control what Google or Hotjar does with the data stored on their servers, but they are expected to comply with GDPR as well.

What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?

Users on the site will feel no impact from having their data collected on the site. The use of this data cannot be traced back to the individual user nor is that the intention of collecting it.

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?

There will always be some who complain about any kind of tracks, but other than that, no. If people prefer not to be tracked or have cookies installed, then they are free to use third-party plugins that block those. I understand and respect that some people prefer that.


Does blip blop use cookies?

Yes, we are big fans of cookies especially with chocolate chips.

No, seriously – cookies?

Alright, alright. We use cookies for Google Analytics for the sole purpose of seeing how users interact with blip blop. blip blop will only be using these data in order to improve the site itself based on how users interact with the site.

The Facebook and Twitter plugins in the sidebar also uses cookies to detect whether you’re logged in to their services. This is required for users to be able to interact with either Facebook or Twitter directly via

As of May 26, 2016 blip blop has enabled Hotjar tracking. Hotjar is a tool that generates heatmaps of where users click on a website. The tool stores cookies in the visitor’s browser to make this heatmap generation possible.

Will Google be getting some of those data?

Analytics is a Google product so it’s highly likely that they will use your data. You can read more about what Google will use said data for here.

Can I turn off cookies?

No, at least not directly. However, we’re perfectly cool with you using a plugin or something else that will hide your visit from us or in other ways prevent our use of cookies.

We don’t make money from blip blop and we only intend to use the data we gather from Analytics and Hotjar for site improvement purposes. blip blop will not directly hand over any information from Analytics or Hotjar to a third party. However, we cannot account for what Google or Hotjar does with the data generated through their services and we recommend reading their privacy policies for further insights into this.