Galaxy Force -G.S.M. SEGA 1-

LP released by Pony Canyon in 1988. It contains 7 tracks from the games Galaxy Force, Altered Beast, OutRun, Space Harrier, and After Burner.

GS Selection – GS Club Special Project

2xFlexi-disc 7″ released in 1988 by Softbank Publishing. Contains 24 tracks from the games The Ninja Warriors, Rainbow Islands, Vigilante, A-Jax, Dark Adventure, Labyrinth Runer, Black Tiger, Tiger Road, Hang On, After Burner, Super Hang On, OutRun, and Quartet.

Uncle Art: A Temporal Shift

During a succesful Kickstarter campaign for remade versions of David Lowe’s game music compositions, backers could opt for a vinyl option.

The release shipped out to backers in late 2016.