Battle Princess Madelyn

Causal Bit Games have included a vinyl soundtrack option for the Kickstarter for their game Battle Princess Madelyn in the $380 CAD “The Vintage Collector” tier.

The game includes two soundtracks – an arcade and an orchestral soundtrack, by Gryzor87 and John McCarthy respectively. It’s unclear whether both will be included in the vinyl tier.

The campaign launched on March 15, 2017 and ended on April 14, 2017. It was succesfully funded and physical rewards were scheduled to ship in February 2018. In a backer update from December 2019 they announced that the records would be shipping in 2020. However, as of late 2021 there are still no words on these shipping out.

As of January, 2023 there are still no sign of these shipping, so until further notice we’re assuming that this release won’t be happening anymore.