Brass 2: Mouth

This album features rock covers of video game music by Minibosses from games such as Excite Bik, The Legend Of Zelda, Ghosts N’ Goblins, Kid Icarus, Super Mario Bros. 3, and more. It was self-released by the band in 2011.

It is limited to 437 hand-numbered copies and was released by the band itself.

Boba Fettucini Presents: Arcade Breaks

LP containing breaks and beats for DJ use taken from video game samples. Made by Boba Fettucini and released by Mon Mothma Recordings. It contains samples from the games Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaga, Excite Bike, Pole Position, Doom, Super Mario Bros., Space Harrier, and more.

Famicom Music

LP released in 1986 by G.M.O. Records. Contains 11 tracks from the following games Super Mario Bros., Balloon Fight, Balloon Trip, Donkey Kong, Wrecking Crew, Donkey Kong Jr., Excite Bike, Mario Bros., and The Legend Of Zelda.