Konami Classics: Best Of The NES

Spacelab9 have announced a compilation LP featuring tracks from Konami NES games.

The release will be a single LP available on magenta colored vinyl (and possibly other variants). It will be housed in a jacket with new artwork by Astor Alexander.

There is currently no estimated release date for this title.

The Konamic Game Freaks (Konami Game Music Vol. 3)

LP released in 1987 by G.M.O. Records, Alfa, and Konami. Also known as “Konami Game Music Vol. 3”. It contains 8 tracks from the games Rock’n Rage, Crackout, Hi No Tori: Gaou No Bouken, Moero TwinBee: Cinnamon-hakase Wo Sukue!, Salamander, Castlevania, WEC Le Mans 24, and Jackal.