Big Twice: Push > Start

10″ on neon yellow vinyl released in 2014 alongside the book “Push > Start: The Art Of Video Games” by Stephan Günzel. It was published by EarBooks.

The 10″ features remixes done by Big Twice of music from the games Castlevania, Super Mario Bros., Mega Man 2, Ninja Gaiden, Street Fighter, Space Harrier, Puzzle Bobble, and Tetris.

Mega Man: Best Of Mega Man 1-10 (Mega Pack Edition – Mega Man Version)

Spacelab9 released the Mega Man: Best Of Mega Man 1-10 as a Hot Topic exclusive picture disc. A colored vinyl version was estimated to release in October, 2015, but was later delayed to 2016.

On January 28, 2016 Spacelab9 opened up for orders on new non-picture disc variants from their own website. So far 3 different variants have been made (Mega Man, Cut Man, and Metal Man variants). This version includes some extra content over the picture disc and is housed in a die-cut NES-style slipcover.

This is the Mega Man variant on clear vinyl with blue splatter.

Mega Man: Best Of Mega Man 1-10

An LP featuring music from Mega Man 1-10 (excluding 3) have been released by Spacelab9. It’s limited to 1000 picture disc copies that are being sold exclusively at Hot Topic.