Welcome To Los Santos

A 2LP by The Alchemist and Oh No featuring music from an inspired by the world of the game have been released by Mass Appeal and Rockstar Games.

The Music Of Grand Theft Auto V

A 6LP box set containing the music from the game has been released. It features three 2LP volumes, comes with a full color booklet and a lithograph poster. It was released by Mass Appeal and is limited to 5000 copies.

Volume 1 contains a selection of original songs made for the game, which can be found on the radio stations, by several artists and comes on blue marbled vinyl.

Volume 2 contains the original score by Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, The Alchemist, Oh No, and DJ Shadow. It comes on orange marbled vinyl.

Volume 3 contains soundtrack songs, which is songs featured on the radio, but were not made specifically for the game. It comes on pink marbled vinyl.