Chime Sharp

An option for getting the vinyl soundtrack was added to the succesful Kickstarter for the Chime Sharp game.

The Kickstarter has ended, but they’ve launched an Indiegogo as well to reach their stretch goals.

Estimated shipping date was originally January, 2016, however, as of December 2016 it still hadn’t been sent to the pressing plant. After some confusion about when it would ship, it finally began shipping out in October 2017.

Life Is Strange Soundtrack

Only a few promo copies of the soundtrack featuring the licensed songs and Jonathan Morali’s score have been released on vinyl as a gatefold 2LP. A few copies have been given to Square Enix employees and the gaming press and some have been given away in sweepstakes. The first copies showed up on social media around Christmas 2015.

Due to the licensing agreement Square Enix could not manufacture copies of this for retail purposes and as thus it has only been available as a contest prize and a promotional item for the game.

It is speculated that only 100 copies exist.