Space Invaders Vol. 2

Sublime Records have released 3 12″ EPs featuring licensed remixes using music and samples from the games. All were released in 2003.

This is volume 2 which includes remixes by Co-Fusion, Rebus Tape, Chester Beatty, DJ Shufflemaster, Sketch Show, Sweet Robots Against The Machine, Towa Tei, Mijk Van Dijk, and Tobynation.

Ghost In The Shell MegaTech Body

The soundtrack featuring the original licensed tracks from the Ghost In The Shell PlayStation game was released as a 2LP.

This is the Japanese pressing released by Sony Records.

D2 Remixes

One of two 12″ releases with remixes of Kenji Ono’s tracks from this Sega Dreamcast game. It was released by Toy’s Factory in 1999.