VA-11 HALL-A: Official Soundtrack

VA-11 HALL-A soundtrack composer Michael Kelly (aka. Garoad) have hinted a vinyl release of the soundtrack on Twitter on several occassions.

On July 24, 2017 Black Screen Records announced that they will be releasing the soundtrack on vinyl. The release comes in a gatefold jacket. It will also include a 12″ booklet, a double-sided A2 poster, and download codes for the different digital soundtracks.

Preorders opened on July 24, 2017 and it released late September 2017.

This is the first pressing on blue and pink translucent vinyl.

Velocity 2X Original Soundtrack

Black Screen Records have released Joris de Man & James Marsden’s soundtrack to the indie game Velocity 2X on vinyl.

It will be on 2LP 180g vinyl with one disc on translucent neon pink and the other on blue solid vinyl.

Preorders opened on July 11 and the album started to ship out early/mid August 2016.

Shovel Knight The Definitive Soundtrack

Brave Wave have released the Shovel Knight soundtrack on vinyl. The soundtrack is composed by Jake Kaufman and Manami Matsumae and comes on 2LP “armor blue” vinyl with new artwork from Hitoshi Ariga.

It comes in a gatefold cover and includes a booklet with liner notes and interviews.

Preorders opened on October 24, 2016 and it released mid-January 2017.

Nuclear Throne

Ghost Ramp have announced via Twitter that they will be releasing the Jukio Kallio’s soundtrack to Nuclear Throne.

It is a 2LP with one record on “nuclear sludge” green and the other on a picture disc with character art. Comes with a die-cut gatefold jacket, insert, and a digital download.

A “special edition” with extras was also made available.

Preorders opened December 23, 2016 and it is released in late April 2017.

Hotline Miami Collector’s Edition Vinyl

Laced Records  launched a Kickstarter to get the original Hotline Miami soundtrack out on vinyl. The Kickstarter launched on March 11, 2016 and was succesfully funded on April 10, 2016. Laced Records later opened up for preorders via their website.

The release is a 3LP with one record on black, one on solid red, and one on solid yellow vinyl and features new artwork by Niklas Akerblad. It is limited to 5000 copies.

The album was released in early August, 2016.

Force De Frappe

This album is based on unused Dubmood tracks originally made for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number as well as new original work.

It is limited to 200 copies and released by Data Airlines.

It’s worth reading the “story” description that comes from the album’s Bandcamp:

Force De Frappe is an original and hard-hitting synthwave album based on Dubmood’s unused submissions from Hotline Miami 2 as a foundation upon which to build a unique and twisted story about an evil Swedish defence system AI, a French nuclear deterrence program gone bad, and AI-built female androids flying vintage SAAB jet fighters over a dark Gothenburg archipelago in 1981. Fans of the Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack should feel right at home as the entirety of Force De Frappe is heavily influenced by the soundscape and mood of the award-winning soundtracks to both Hotline Miami and its recently-released sequel.

As a quick guide to the album, listeners will enjoy the opening car chase scene, “Älfsborg 1981,” where cyber punks hijack a Swedish government fighter pilot android followed by an introduction to the AI-controlled military defense system in “STRIL-60,” built by DataSAAB. The SAAB Draken fighters are explored in “J35 Draken,” followed by “Att Bygga En Robot,” which accompanies a scene in a lab where the protagonists try to save their fallen comrade by turning her into an android. From there, STRIL-60 system becomes self-aware and decides that the best way to gain the complete control but also the trust of the humans still able to shut it down is to stage an attack, provoking NATO and the French to launch such an assault. The rest of the album follows the dog fights in the skies above Europe when SAAB Draken fighters with their android pilots attempt to intercept the incoming French nuclear bombers. The ending is vague but may be more easily interpreted after listening to GEM TOS’s lyrics in the last track, “Force De Frappe.” The last bonus track on the cassette version also gives a clue on how things end.

Loud On Planet X

As part of a succesful Kickstarter for the game Loud On Planet X, backers could opt for a reward that included a 7″ on green vinyl with original music from the game composed by Mike Haliechuk and Jonah Falco (of Fucked Up), Brendan Canning and Justin Peroff (of Broken Social Scene), and Harrison.

The estimated release was October, 2015, however the game and physical rewards (including the 7″) were delayed but shipped out in April, 2016.

BIT.TRIP’s Greatest Chips

A compilation record with music from the BIT.TRIP games (Runner, Beat, Void,  Core, Fate, and Flux) have been released by iam8bit. It is a picture disc with art by Drew Wise. It’s limited to 1500 copies and pre-orders opened on August 26 with shipping starting late December, 2015.

The release also included a download code for all the games + the full digital soundtracks (including Runner 2 even though no music from that game is on the record).

Superbeat Xonic: The X-Otic Limited Edition

The limited edition version of Superbeat Xonic includes a 2LP with the game’s soundtrack in a special box set. The set is limited to 450 copies in NA and 500 copies in EU and was released on October 27 by PM Studios and Nurijoy.

In addition to the 2LP and the game the limited edition version also includes the soundtrack on CD. It is all housed in a special box set.