Suite Gradius Fantasia

An LP featuring original and arranged versions of the music from Gradius have been released. It was released by Apollon Music Industrial Corp. in 1988.

Galaxy Odyssey

An LP was released with arranged versions of Tsukasa Masuko’s soundtrack to the NES game. It was released by Victor Music Industries in 1986.

Final Fantasy Orchestral Album

A box set featuring a blu ray and an LP featuring orchestral versions of a variety of tracks from the Final Fantasy series have been released.

Please note that this page will focus on the LP over the blu ray (although there will be some overlaps).

Final Fantasy Vinyls

A 5LP box set with selected original tracks from Final Fantasy I-X. The tracks were all remastered specifically for vinyl by Nobuo Uematsu.

The LPs are titled Green, Orange, Red, Purple, and Black, but all the LPs in this set are on black vinyl.