Evoland - Feature

Evoland 1 & 2 vinyl soundtracks up for preorder via Red Art Games

Earlier this week Red Art Games announced that they would be releasing the soundtracks to Evoland and Evoland II on vinyl, and now preorders are live.

Evoland will be a single LP on yellow colored vinyl. It will be housed in a regular LP jacket with game art.

Evoland II will be a 3LP each record on blue, green and red colored vinyl respectively. It will be housed in a jacket with game art.

Both releases will be limited to 500 each.

Evoland is priced at €30 and Evoland II at €60. They are both scheduled to begin shipping in Q3 2020. Evoland can be preordered from Red Art Games here and Evoland II here today at 5pm CET.

Evoland - Front
Evoland II - Front