Hubbard ’80

The Kickstarter campaign for Project Hubbard, which is a project of creating multiple remix and arrangement albums of Rob Hubbard music along with a book, includes a vinyl option for one of the albums.

The Hubbard 80 album is arranged by Rob Hubbard himself alongside Marcel Donné and features tracks arranged as if they were played in 1979 with modular synths, strings and horns.

The campaign launched on October 5, 2017 with a goal of £50,000 and ended on November 5, 2017 with more than £80,000 in funding.

Physical rewards are currently scheduled to ship out in April 2019.

Turrican – Orchestral Selections Collector’s Box Set

Chris Hülsbeck have run a succesfully funded a Kickstarter campaign for a new orchestral recording called Turrican Orchestral Selections. The release contains arranged music from Turrican 1-3.

The project launched May 31, 2017 and ended succesfully on June 18, 2017 with more than $90,000 in funding of an $85,000 goal.

The release is a 2LP on black vinyl and also includes the release on CD. Additionally, it also comes with a new TFMX  album, which is the soundtrack to the fictional Turrican 4.  It is housed in a box set with new artwork. Downloads for all music is included as well.
The release will be limited to 1000 numbered copies.

Physical rewards were scheduled to ship in April, 2018, but have been delayed for a “short” but unspecified period.

Reformation 2

Matt Gray launched a Kickstarter for his Reformation 2 project, which included a vinyl option. The album features covers of other C64 composers’ music performed by Matt Gray.

The campaign was launched on April 8, 2017 and was succesfully funded and ended on April 30, 2017.

Vinyl rewards were scheduled for a September 2018 release, but as of new have been delayed with no release estimate.


Matt Gray announced in a Kickstarter Backer Update that he will be releasing a selection of C64 arrangements from his Reformation project on vinyl.

The release will be a 2LP and has so far only been made available to order for people who already backed his Reformation on Kickstarter or Megafounder.

No release date have been announced so far.

Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine

Fusion Retro Books have released a 7″ with Jeroen Tel’s 2016 mix of his Cybernoid theme tune.

The release was initially exclusive to Kickstarter backers of the book “The Story Of The Commodore 64 In Pixels”., but remaining copies were later put up for sale.

Backers received their copies late November 2016 and remaining copies were put up for sale December 2016.

The Horrible Plans Of Flex Busterman

“The Horrible Plans Of Flex Busterman” is the soundtrack for a fictional game by the same name. All tracks on the album has been produced on either a Commodore 64 or an Amiga 500.

The album includes a booklet describing level and character information for the game (even though it doesn’t exist). The album is dedicated to composer Rob Hubbard and was released in 1997 by Digital Hardcore Recordings.

Free Flexidisc Of Games

A 7″ flexi disc containing the games Xebec, Climber, and Bonus Game in sound format for the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum have been featured as a free promo from the “Computer Gamer” magazine in the UK. To play the game the sound have to be transferred to a compatible format.


A 7″ flexi disc containing the games Wargame and a demo for Hypersports in sound format have been featured as a free promo from the “Microhobby” magazine in Spain. To play the games the sound have to be transferred to a compatible format.

Free Programs

A 7″ flexi disc containing the games Stellar Run, Energy Fields, Galaxians, and Fall Guy in sound format for the BBC Micro have been featured as a free promo from the “Personal Computer Games” magazine in the UK. To play the game the sound have to be transferred to a compatible format.

SID Chip Sounds: The Music Of The Commodore 64

2LP released in 2012 by Robot Elephant Records. It contains 19 tracks from the games Last Ninja, Trap, Giana Sisters, Katakis, Glider Rider, Panther, Gauntlet III: The Final Quest, LED Storm, Cybernoid 2, Wizball, Comic Bakery, Parallax, Arkanoid, Dominator, Last Ninja II, Commando, and Sanxion.