Last Ninja 2

A succesful Kickstarter for Matt Gray’s “Reformation” CD box set included a backer option for a picture disc LP of the remade soundtrack to Last Ninja 2. Release date for Kickstarter backers is set to September, 2015, while orders through C64 Audio is set for December, 2015.

UPDATE: As of January 2016 I have yet to see any proof that this has been manufactured or shipped.

UPDATE 2: In late March 2016 backers received a message asking if they’d like for the album to be a 2LP instead which was positively received and since confirmed to be how it’ll be released. There was also a mention that manufacturing will begin soon, although no specific ETA have been mentioned.

UPDATE 3: In late 2018 Matt Gray finished a Reformation 3 campaign that was intended to collect funds for the finishing of physical goods for Reformation/LN2 and Reformation 2.

As of 2019 there is now a releaste estimate called Q1 or Q2 2020 as well as new preorder options via Matt’s own label, 6581 Records.

Seven Force #3

A 7″ featuring the Commodore 64 game Robocop 3’s title track by Jeroen Tel have been released by Seven Force. The b-side features an original track by Sarofer Zertaga.

The release is limited to 110 hand-numbered copies. Comes in a 7″ paper sleeve with no record jacket.

Giana Sisters 2001

A 12″ featuring remixes of Chris Hülsbeck’s music to this title have been released by 2001.