Supergiant: The 10th Anniversary Collection

iam8bit have released a box set featuring the full soundtracks to Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre as well as a bonus 7″ for Hades and several previously unreleased tracks.

The set will be a 12LP box set + the 7″ on different colored vinyl. It features new artwork by James Gilleard and is limited to 1000 copies.

  • The Bastion Original Soundtrack is a 2LP on dark green opaque vinyl.
  • The Transistor Original Soundtrack is a 2LP on turquoise translucent vinyl.
  • The Transistor Extended Soundtrack is a 2LP on marine blue opaque vinyl.
  • The Pyre Original Soundtrack is a 3LP with one record on pink marbled, one on orange marbled, and one on yellow marbled vinyl.
  • The Pyre: The White Lute release is a 2LP on clear vinyl.
  • The Pyre: The Black Mandolin is a single LP on black vinyl
  • The Hades 7″ is on red translucent vinyl.

Preorders opened on August 30, 2019 and it was scheduled to ship in Q1 2020, but was delayed and released in late June, 2020.

Game(s):, , ,
Platform(s):, , , , , , , ,
Catalog No.:8BIT-8117
Release Year:2020
Release Country:US
Classification:Original Soundtrack,
Vinyl Color:Dark Green Opaque + Turquoise Translucent + Marine Blue Opaque + Pink Marbled + Orange Marbled + Yellow Marbled + Clear + Black + Red Translucent
Format:13xLP, 7",
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Order through [SOLD OUT]
Order through [SOLD OUT]

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