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Bandai Namco EU is releasing a 7LP best of box set for the SoulCalibur series

Bandai Namco Europe have just announced that they will be releasing a box set “Best Of” for the SoulCalibur series. It will feature music from Soul Blade and SoulCalibur I-VI.

The release will be a box set with 7 black vinyl LPs – one for each game. It looks like each disc will be housed in a jacket with art from the corresponding game.

The box set is priced at €109 and is scheduled to release on October 3, 2018. It can be preordered from Bandai Namco EU’s store now. Please note that this is only available to EU customers.

SoulCalibur Best Of - Box Front SoulCalibur Best Of - Soul Blade SoulCalibur Best Of - SoulCalibur SoulCalibur Best Of - SoulCalibur II SoulCalibur Best Of - SoulCalibur III SoulCalibur Best Of - SoulCalibur IV SoulCalibur Best Of - SoulCalibur V SoulCalibur Best Of - SoulCalibur VI

Bandai Namco Europe is ready with their 9LP Dark Souls box set

As originally announced in a video a while back, the European branch of Bandai Namco are now taking orders for thier massive 9LP Dark Souls trilogy box set.

The box set – which will be the biggest video game vinyl box set ever – features the full soundtracks to all three Dark Souls games including DLC tracks. The Dark Souls soundtrack will be a 2LP on blue marbled vinyl, Dark Souls II will be a 4LP on red marbled vinyl, and Dark Souls III will be a 3LP on green marbled vinyl.

The records will be housed in three record jackets – one for each game, and these jackets will be housed in a box. The box set is limited to 2000 copies and will be sold exclusively in the EMEA region.

The set is priced at €119 and can be ordered from the European Bandai Namco Store here.

This is ready to order so there should only be a small wait before it ships.

Dark Souls Trilogy - Box + Jackets Dark Souls Trilogy - Records

Spacelab9 is releasing the soundtracks to Dark Souls I-III on vinyl

Spacelab9 have previously announced that they will be releasing the soundtrack to all three Dark Souls games on vinyl in collaboration with Bandai Namco – and now they’re here!

All three soundtracks will be individual 2LP sets on different colored vinyl. Dark Souls will be on clear with blue swirl, Dark Souls II will be on red with black swirl, and Dark Souls III will be on green with black swirl.

The Dark Souls release will also feature music from the Artorias of the Abyss DLC.

Spacelab9 will have 3 exclusive “blue eye orb” colorway variants available on their store on Friday July 21, 2017 at 1:30PM EST. These are limited to 100 copies each.

All 3 sets are priced at $35 and are available via ThinkGeek here now.

Dark Souls - Front & Back Dark Souls - Record Dark Souls 2 - Front & Back Dark Souls 2 - Gatefold Dark Souls 2 - Record Dark Souls 3 - Front & Back Dark Souls 3 - Gatefold Dark Souls 3 - Record

iam8bit will release the Necropolis soundtrack on vinyl as part of the game’s collector’s edition

Today iam8bit announced that they will be releasing a Collector’s Edition to the game Necropolis and that this package will include the game’s soundtrack on vinyl.

The game’s score is composed by Jon Everist and will be pressed onto 180g grey vinyl for this release, which also features album artwork by Steve Courtney. The art also functions as a pen-and-paper dungeon crawler.

Besides the record the Collector’s Edition will also include a code for the game (Steam, PS4, or Xbox One), the full digital soundtrack, and a death certificate.

The album is set to release in Q4 2016 and can be preordered now from both iam8bit’s US store and their UK/EU store.

Necropolis - Mockup Contents Necropolis - Mockup Records