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Megacopter vinyl soundtrack available from Data Airlines

Data Airlines have just opened up vinyl orders for the soundtrack to upcoming game Megacopter: Blades Of The Goddess.

The release will be a single LP on black vinyl. IT will come in a regular LP jacket with artwork by composer Robin Ogden and additional art by Dubmood. It is limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.

It is priced at $16 and is ready to ship out. It can be ordered from Data Airlines’ store here and their Bandcamp here.

Megacopter - Front Megacopter - Back

The soundtrack to The Sun And Moon can now be preordered on vinyl

A few days Data Airlines announced that they would do a vinyl pressing of Dubmood’s soundtrack to the game The Sun And Moon. The soundtrack was originally released on digital and cassette back in 2015.

The release is a single LP on black vinyl and comes in a single pocket jacket with artwork from the digital copy on front, and a description of the game on the back. The title is limited to 300 copies.

It is priced at $16 and is scheduled to release around October 31, 2018. It can be preordered from Data Airlines’ Bandcamp here.

The Sun And Moon - Front The Sun And Moon - Back


Dubmood & Zabutom’s Bad Television soundtrack is getting a 7″ release

Yesterday Data Airlines announced a vinyl release of Dubmood & Zabutom’s soundtrack to the game Bad Television.

The release will be a 7″ record on red vinyl and will be limited to 350 copies.

The game was made by Bitslap for the Ludum Dare game jam in just 6 hours. So don’t fret if you’ve not heard about it as we’re heading into slightly obscure territory. If you’re curious about it, then you can download it for free via Ludum Dare’s website here.

It is scheduled to release on April 30 and can be preordered now via Bandcamp here or Data Airlines’ webstore here.

Bad Television - Front Cover Bad Television - Back Cover

An album with arranged music from the original Rayman is now on Kickstarter

…and yes, there is a vinyl option.

The album “Rayman by Rémi” has been underway for some time, but yesterday a site describing the album as well as showing off some mockups was revealed. Alongside that site was the information that a Kickstarter would be launched today.

The arrangement is done by Rémi Gazel who is also the original composer from the game. The arranged album is described as being a “Jazz/Rock/Symphonic/Electro” album.

For this album Rémi have teamed up with some labels who are very much familiar with game music – Black Screen Records and Data Airlines. Black Screen Records will be handling the vinyl release which will be a 2LP with one record on orange and one on blue vinyl. The vinyl tier is priced at €32 (with an early bird tier at €29).

If the €140,000 stretch goal is met a third 12″ record with electro remixes will be added to the release.

The campaign will run from today and until December 16, 2016. If the campaign meets the goal of €50,000 then backer rewards are expected to ship out April, 2017.

You can back the project now on Kickstarter via this link.

Rayman by Rémi - Mockup