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Hellfire, Zero Wing and Truxton vinyl soundtracks up for preorder from Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games are partnering with Retro-Bit Gaming for vinyl releases of the soundtracks to the classic Toaplan shoot-em-up games Hellfire, Zero Wing and Truxton.

The soundtracks will each be on a single LP in a regular LP jacket with promotional game art.
Hellfire will be on blue vinyl, Zero Wing will be on purple vinyl, and Truxton will be on pink vinyl.

They are priced at $28 each and up for an open preorder now and until October 18, 2020. They are scheduled to release in 2-3 months after preorders close.

Hellfire can be preordered here, Zero Wing can be preordered here, and Truxton can be preordered here.

Hellfire - Front
Zero Wing - Front
Truxton - Front