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Returnal vinyl soundtrack from Milan now up for preorder

As previously announced Milan Records are releasing the soundtrack to the third-person roguelike shooter Returnal on vinyl – and finally preorders are live.

The release will be a single LP on yellow colored vinyl. It will be housed in a single-pocket jacket with new artwork.
At the time of writing this is the only variant that’s been announced, although recent Milan titles have come in multiple color variants, so it’s possible that this will too.

It is priced at $22 and is scheduled to release on July 15, 2022. It can be preordered via Amazon here, but will likely be available via several other stores later on.

Returnal - Contents

Fangamer to release the Tormentor X Punisher and Nex Machina soundtracks on vinyl

Fangamer have announced that they will be releasing Ari Pulkkinen’s soundtrack to Nex Machina and Joonas Turner’s soundtrack to Tormentor X Punisher.

Nex Machina is not much of a surprise as Limited Run Games recently announced their exclusive (and now sold out) variant of the release. But this is the first we’ve heard about Tormentor X Punisher.

The Nex Machina variant will be on red translucent vinyl with black swirl and includes a digital download. Otherwise it will be similar to the Limited Run version.

Tormentor X Punisher will be a single LP on pink marbled vinyl and will be housed in a jacket with new artwork by Jon Vermilyea. It will include a digital download for the soundtrack as well as a code for the game itself.

Nex Machina is priced at $33 and Tormentor X Punisher is priced at $23. Both are scheduled to ship early December 2017.

Nex Machina can be preordered from Fangamer here, and Tormentor X Punisher from Fangamer here.

Tormentor X Punisher - Front Nex Machina - Front Nex Machina - Tracklist

Limited Run Games to sell a Nex Machina 2LP soundtrack

Limited Run Games have announced that they will be releasing Ari Pulkkinen’s soundtrack to the game Nex Machina on vinyl. The release will be produced by Fangamer, but it’s unclear whether they will also act as a label for this release.

The release will be a 2LP on clear vinyl with red and black splatter. It’s housed in a gatefold jacket with game art. It is limited to 500 copies.

As of now there haven’t been any mention of other variants of this soundtrack being released elsewhere, but the store page description hints at this.

It will be priced at $35. Orders will open tomorrow (November 10, 2017) via the Limited Run Games store. The first batch of copies will go up for sale at 10AM Eastern and another batch will go up at 6PM Easter.

EDIT: The store page was updated with the text “Album is still in production and the art may change slightly” after this post was written indicating that this is a preorder and will not release on November 10. I’ll try to update with an ETA for release once it’s announced.

Nex Machina - Front & Records