Genshin Impact: The Stellar Moments - Featuer

The Stellar Moments music from Genshin Impact to be released on vinyl

miHoYo are releasing a selection of character tracks from their popular RPG Genshin Impact on vinyl as part of a gift box set. The release appears to be a compilation of music from their The Stellar Moments albums and will be titled “The Stellar Moments: Shimmering Spotlight”.

The release will be a single LP on blue colored vinyl. It will be housed in a single-pocket jacket with artwork from the first The Stellar Moments album. It will be housed within a gift box set that also includes a synthetic leather book with sheet music as well as a metal commemorative ticket.

It is priced at 358 RMB (~$53) and is scheduled to release in early November, 2023. It can be preordered via Taobao here. Please note that a Chinese address or a proxy service is needed to order this. Additionally, the official preorder date is September 15, so some services may not be able to place an order until then.

UPDATE: The post previously noted the release date as September 15, however, this was incorrect and has been updated to early November now.

Genshin Impact: The Stellar Moments - Front
Genshin Impact: The Stellar Moments - Contents