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Yetee Records to release the first tracks from EarthCade on vinyl

A few days ago – on November 3, 2017 – The Yetee announced that they will be releasing the first of R23X’s tracks for the game EarthCade on vinyl.

What is EarthCade exactly? It’s an in-development game worked on on and off as a passion project, so there’s no clear release date. It’s also a new brand from The Yetee consisting of clothing and accessories where 10% of all sales go to wildlife preservation charities.

The vinyl release will be a 7″ on green vinyl housed in a 7″ jacket with artwork by Drew Wise. It will be a pressing of 250 copies.

It is priced at $13 and is scheduled to release in December 2017. 10% of all sales go to the Wildlife Preservation Society.

It can be preordered from The Yetee here.

EarthCade - Cover Front EarthCade - Cover Back