Data Discs to release the Sonic Mania soundtrack on vinyl

Today Data Discs announced that they will be releasing the soundtrack to the upcoming game Sonic Mania on vinyl.

The release will be a single LP in a gatefold jacket with art from the game. As with most other Data Discs releases this will be available in three variants – classic black, blue translucent, and a limited edition variant that is still TBA as of writing this.

While not confirmed by the label it does appear that this release will not be part of Data Discs typical numbered series of releases.

The release is priced at £20 and Data Discs will open up for preorders in mid-July via their webstore.

Sonic Mania - Front Cover + Blue Vinyl Sonic Mania - Gatefold + Blue Vinyl

Yetee Records is releasing the Starbound soundtrack on vinyl

Yetee Records have announced that they will be releasing Curtis Schweitzer’s soundtrack to the game Starbound on vinyl.

The release will be a 2LP on 180g vinyl with one disc being on purple translucent with black swirl and the other on gold translucent colored vinyl. The records will come in a gatefold jacket with the game’s logo in gold foil letters. Artwork for the release has been done by Drew Wise.

The release will be limited to 500 copies and is priced at $35. Orders will go up later today (June 22, 2017) via The Yetee’s web store here.

Starbound - Front Cover + Records Starbound - Back Cover

iam8bit bringing the 140 soundtrack to vinyl

iam8bit have announced that they will be releasing Jakob Schmid’s soundtrack to the rhythm platforming game 140 on vinyl.

The release have been announced simultaneously with a new content patch for the game as well as the soundtrack being released digitally for the first time (which is impressive for a game released in 2013!).

The release will be a single LP picture disc housed in a printed inner sleeve with artwork by Niels Fyrst and Andreas Arnild Peitersen. It’s all housed in a regular LP jacket with the game’s logo.
Buyers will also receive a digital download of the soundtrack as well as a digital copy of the game. The release is limited to 1400 copies.

The release is priced at $28 and is scheduled to release in Q4, 2017. The record can be preordered now via iam8bit’s US store here and their UK/EU store here.

140 - Front Cover 140 - Back Cover 140 - Record Sides

The Super Castlevania IV vinyl soundtrack will be released by Mondo this week

This release was originally announced quite a while back now, but today Mondo revealed that they will release Konami Kukeiha Club’s Super Castlevania IV on vinyl this week.

The release will be a 2LP cut at 45 RPM and comes in two different color variants – gold & bronze split and silver with red splatter. The split variant will be limited to 1000 copies. It will come in a jacket with new artwork by Jenolab.

Alongside this new release, Mondo will also have black vinyl copies of the sold out Castlevania III vinyl soundtrack for sale. Both releases will be priced at $30 and will go up for sale on July 21, 2017 at noon CST.

Super Castlevania IV - Front Super Castlevania IV - Back Cover Super Castlevania IV - Splatter Records Super Castlevania IV - Split Records

A Night Trap 7″ can now be ordered from Ship To Shore PhonoCo.

It was announced a while back, but now it’s finally here. Ship To Shore PhonoCo. is releasing a 7″ with the game’s theme song and two tracks from the original score. The music is by Sunny BlueSkyes and Martin Lund.

The release is made to celebrate the game’s 25th anniversary and will be available in two color variants – purple and red.

The purple vinyl can be ordered from Ship To Shore PhonoCo.’s webstore here.

The red vinyl will be available from Limited Run Games at a later date.

Night Trap - Purple Vinyl

Night Trap - Red Vinyl

Chris Hülsbeck announces new orchestral Turrican Kickstarter project with vinyl options

Chris Hülsbeck – the composer of the Turrican series and several other retro titles – have announced and launched a new Kickstarter project called “Turrican Orchestral Selections”.

The project features arranged versions of a selection of music from the Turrican series, that didn’t make it onto his previous release, “Turrican II – The Orchestral Album”.

The vinyl version will be a double LP on black vinyl and will come with the album on CD, a booklet, and downloads for both the orchestra album and a brand new album described as a “Virtual Turrican 4 soundtrack” recorded on Amiga hardware.

There’s also a box set version limited to 1000 numbered copies. In addition to what’s included in the standard vinyl tier, the box set comes with physical art prints and downloadable musical scores.

In addition to the regular tiers, an additional CD and vinyl record of the virtual Turrican 4 album may be added to the pledge if the project hits its stretch goals.

The Kickstarter is aiming for a $85,000 goal and if succesful, physical rewards are scheduled to begin shipping in April 2018.

The 2LP is priced at $65 ($55 for early bird) and the box set is priced at $95 ($80 for early bird). You can pledge for either (or one of the higher vinyl tiers) via Kickstarter now.

Turrican Orchestral Selections - Mockup

iam8bit releasing 2LP of the arranged Pokémon Gold & Silver recording, Johto Legends

iam8bit have just announced that they will be releasing Materia Collective’s Pokémon Gold & Silver arrangement album Johto Legends on vinyl.

The release will be a 2LP on white & gold split and white & silver split colored vinyl. It comes in a gatefold jacket with new artwork by Ryan Brinkerhoff. And finally, it will also include a digital download of the album.

The release is priced at $40 and is scheduled to release in Q4, 2017. Preorders will open on May 31, 2017 via iam8bit’s US store here and their UK store here.

UPDATE: Materia Collective have also updated their Kickstarter for this to include a $90 tier for a backer exclusive version of this vinyl release.

Johto Legends - Cover Johto Legends - Records

The soundtrack to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can be ordered on vinyl this week

It’s been a while since Spacelab9 casually announced that they would be releasing Marcin Przybyłowicz’ soundtrack to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on vinyl in the bottom of their newsletter.

Now we do have some details on not just one, but two different versions of the soundtrack.

The first will be a 2LP on “wolf emblem” silver grey colored vinyl and has the full 35-track soundtrack. The second will be a limited edition 3LP on red and blue vinyl and has the full 35-track soundtrack on the first two records and the Heart of Stone DLC soundtrack on the third.

Both will be housed in a triple gatefold jacket that features brand new new custom artwork.

The 2LP variant is priced at $30 and will be available exclusively from ThinkGeek on June 2, 2017 via this link.

The 3LP variant is priced at €40 and is available exclusively through Game Legends right now via this link. According to Game Legends the 3LP is limited to just 100 copies, so you probably shouldn’t wait too long if you’re going for that one.

The Witcher 3 - Silver Vinyl The Witcher 3 - Red & Blue Vinyl The Witcher 3 - Gatefold

Data Discs is releasing Gunstar Heroes on double vinyl

Today Data Discs revealed a listing for a vinyl release for Norio “NON” Hanzawa’s Gunstar Heroes soundtrack – a title that they announced late last year.

The release will be a 2LP cut at 45RPM. It comes in a single jacket with original and concept art from the game and includes printed inner sleeves and a double-sided poster.

As always Data Discs are making them available in several color variants. There will be a version on classic black, a version with a red and a blue record, and a limited edition version on red and blue split colored vinyl.

The release is priced at £25 and is not a preorder, so it’s ready to ship immediately when it goes on sale on Saturday May 27, 2017 via the Data Discs web store.

Gunstar Heroes - Front Gunstar Heroes - Red and Blue Vinyl Gunstar Heroes - Limited Edition Split Vinyl

Supergiant Games is putting out their Bastion soundtrack on vinyl

Today Supergiant Games dropped a surprise announcement saying that they will release Darren Korb’s acclaimed soundtrack to their game Bastion on vinyl.

The release will be a 2LP on 180g black vinyl and it comes in an “old-style” gatefold jacket with new artwork by Marie Bergeron (who also did the artwork for the recent Interstellaria release). The vinyl soundtrack features two songs not found in the game and also comes with a download code for a digital copy of the music.

Those who preorder will receive a little extra bonus in the shape of a Bastion bandana.

The release is priced at $40 and is scheduled to ship early Summer 2017. It can be preordered now via Supergiant Games’ store.

Bastion - Contents Bastion - Cover Back