blip blop has moved to a new domain!

I’ve been teasing this for a while (so if you’ve followed me on social media it’s probably not a big surprise) – and now it’s ready!

blip blop is now officially located at The old site will stay live, but some content has been removed for SEO reasons and can only be found on the new site (news posts and Now Playing-posts).

Is everything on the new site perfect? Probably not. I’ve been looking around for bugs and issues for the past couple of weeks and I think I’ve get the most annoying ones fixed at this point. But of course there’s a chance that I’ve overlooked something. If you find a bug or you’re having issues with parts of the site please feel free to contact me.

I was originally planning to just do a clean move from the old site and have it ready by November last year, but ended up feeling that it needed some serious improvements. These are (mostly) done now and I’d like to present some of the new additions below:

The Releases
Every single release on blip blop now has it’s own individual release page. This means all different versions of a title will also be individually represented. This took a lot of work, but ultimately means that it’s much easier for you guys to use the search function to find specific releases.

A lot of parameters have been added to each individual release and when opening a release page you’ll now see links to the involved composers, performers and labels as well as the games and/or platforms represented on the release. Along this you’ll find a lot of practical info such as catalog number, release year, release country and more. And of course there’s still VGMDB and/or Discogs links for all releases that have one or both of these.

For a full breakdown I suggest reading the Understanding Release Pages-guide, which I wrote to explain all this new data in greater detail.

New Page Categories

I’ve added even more categories to the left sidebar, including one for DJ Breaks And SFX releases, a list of Pony Canyon’s G.S.M. releases and one for a brand new type of releases that wasn’t represented on the old site – releases with Vinyl Data.

More Resources

As noted earlier there’s a guide for understanding the data in release pages, but I’ve also added a guide on Getting A Proper Turntable Setup. This was done because I’ve noticed a lot of people getting introduced to vinyl records via these new video game music releases so I thought it’d be appropriate to do a simple guide on what equipment you’ll need, what the equipment does, where to find it, and so on.

As we are seeing more and more both brand new as well as more experienced labels getting into the video game music on vinyl business I’ve also added a list of Current VGM Labels with links to their stores, social media pages, etc. This list is a good way to get a quick introduction to each label and follow them on social media for the latest updates.

Automated Data

This is mostly enjoyable for myself as it makes it much easier to create, edit and update data on each release as I only have to do it in one place now (where I had to do it wherever a release was mentioned on the old site). This means that titles are now represented in several category pages and under several games (even if it’s a compilation release) when it’s related to a lot of titles.

This also brings me to a favorite feature of mine – the sidebar calendar. It gets the data from upcoming releases and will always display the five upcoming titles that are closest to their release date.


We’ll they’re not mind-bending or anything, but there are some funny things hidden here and there. I can’t really spoil those here now, can I? ūüėČ

More stuff!

It’s still a work in progress – as I get more feedback on the new site and I learn to fix some of the known bugs (and those that will inevitably be found over the next couple of weeks) more stuff will be added and fixed on the site. I have more control over the content and functionality than ever before so I’m still open to suggestions!

Oh! And I fixed that damn left sidebar so that it will stay put when you scroll down on pages, which was probably the most requested feature of all!

Iam8bit will release the soundtrack to XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2 as a 2LP set

Iam8bit just listed a 2LP set featuring tracks from the soundtracks to XCOM: Enemy Unknown on disc 1 and XCOM 2 on disc 2. The soundtrack to these titles were made by Michael McCann, Roland Rizzo, and Tim Wynn.

The 2LP set will come on 180g blue and white marbled vinyl and the cover comes with original art by Filip Hodas (see mockups below). Both digital soundtracks will be included in the set. Pre-orders have opened now and the set is planned for a Q2, 2016 release.

Pre-order from the iam8bit US store here and the EU/UK store here

XCOM - Mockup

The Banner Saga soundtrack to be released by iam8bit

Today iam8bit announced that they will be releasing Austin Wintory’s soundtrack to Stoic’s acclaimed Viking¬†game, The Banner Saga.

The soundtrack will be released on a 2LP with one disc on blood red and the other on cream white 180g vinyl. The artwork was made specifically for the vinyl release by Arnie Jorgensen who worked as art director on The Banner Saga. This vinyl release also comes with a download for the full digital soundtrack.

Pre-orders will open January 21st and the record is expected to begin shipping in Q2 2016.

It can be pre-ordered through iam8bit’s US store here and their UK/EU store here.

The Banner Saga - Mockup

The Axiom Verge vinyl soundtrack will be released on January 18

We’ve known that Thomas Happ’s soundtrack for one of last years best-reviewed indie games, Axiom Verge, would be released on vinyl by Ship To Shore PhonoCo. for a while. However, it wasn’t until earlier today that we knew exactly when.

In addition to that we also received a handful of new information such as this release being limited to 1000 copies – 250 on “Axiom Disruptor” red/orange sunburst vinyl¬†and 750 on purple marbled vinyl. The “Axiom Disruptor” variant will be exclusive to Ship To Shore PhonoCo.’s own webstore. Ship To Shore have stated that they will upload pictures of the different variants over the weekend and I’ll be sure to add them to the pictures of the artwork below (UPDATE: They’re up now – check below).

Not only was the game well received, but so was its soundtrack, which received praise from several vgm and electronic music outlets including a #1 spot on FACT Magazine’s list of “The Best 15 Videogame Soundtracks of 2015”. It will be released as a single LP, meaning that it won’t be the full soundtrack (which can be heard here on Bandcamp), but a selection of 11 tracks.

Something that wasn’t news (but still very good) was the fact that Ship To Shore not only will start taking orders on this release on Jan 18, but they’ll start shipping it the same week – no pre-orders!

The product page is already up so you can check out the tracklist, but you cannot place your order until Monday at noon EST.


Axiom Verge FrontAxiom Verge BackAxiom Verge - Purple RecordAxiom Verge - Orange Record

Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns soundtrack will be released on vinyl

A listing for the Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns soundtrack have been put up on Iam8bit’s webstore.

The soundtrack is done by Maclaine Diemer, Lena Chappelle and Stan LePard and artwork for the vinyl version was done by Cory Schmitz. From the images provided (see below) it appears to be a 2LP on green splatter vinyl in a gatefold cover with printed inner sleeves. The score has been mastered specifcally for vinyl by Telegraph Mastering.

Additionally, ordering the soundtrack will give you a download link for the full digital soundtrack including bonus tracks.

The price is set at $40 and it is set to release in Q2 2016.

You can pre-order it from iam8bit here. EU customers might want to wait a bit as it is not yet up in iam8bit’s UK store.

UPDATE: It’s now listed on iam8bit’s UK store as well.

Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns - Mockup Front Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns - Mockup Gatefold Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns - Mockup Back

Dustforce vinyl soundtrack to be released by iam8bit

Iam8bit have just announced that they will be releasing Lifeformed’s soundtrack to the game Dustforce on vinyl. From the mockup image (see below) it looks like it’ll be a single LP on clear translucent vinyl with swirl effect.

Release date is set to be Q1 2016 (hectic Q1 for iam8bit with FTL and Uncharted vinyl soundtracks also being released). The soundtrack has been specifically mastered for vinyl by Telegraph Mastering Studio and with brand new art by Drew Wise. The album will come with a Steam code for the game and the full digital soundtrack and will be limited to 1000 copies.

Pre-orders open tomorrow (Dec 3) through iam8bit’s store.

Dustforce - Mockup Front Dustforce - Mockup Back

The FEZ Soundtrack can now be ordered on vinyl

It was teased in a reddit post a few days back, and now it’s here! The FEZ Soundtrack by Disasterpeace¬†can be ordered through Polytron’s webshop – and what’s even more surprising – it doesn’t appear to be a pre-order!

It’s a 2LP on gold translucent vinyl and comes in a gold-foil decorated gatefold cover with special artwork by the game’s developer, Phil Fish (see below.

UPDATE: It is indeed ready to order. The first copies have already started shipping out.

FEZ Front + Disc - Mockup FEZ Gatefold - Mockup FEZ Back - Mockup

Novu Records to release the soundtracks to Kingdom Hearts I & II as well as Metal Gear Solid 1 on vinyl?

I received a tweet today informing me of a new vgm vinyl label called Novu Records along with a link to their site.¬†Now the site itself may not reveal much at first glance, but after signing up for their newsletter you’re greeted with this message:

Novu Records Signup Message

This is all there is to it at the moment, hence the question mark in the title. As there is no other information about this new label and these releases I’m considering this a rumor for now. But I’ll be¬†following¬†up on these news as more is revealed.

Release date ready for the Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture vinyl soundtrack

It’s been a while since composer Jessica Curry teased that the soundtrac kfor Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture would be receiving a vinyl soundtrack. But now Music On Vinyl has put up the soundtrack in their online catalog confirming that they will be releasing the soundtrack.

The soundtrack¬†will be out on a gatefold 2LP, is set to release on Nov 30 and will be limited to 500 numbered copies on clear vinyl. Knowing Music On Vinyl it seems likely that an “unlimited” black pressing will be released once the clear pressing sells out.

It will be released as a part of Music On Vinyl’s ‘At The Movies’-series, that covers all their motion picture, tv show, and video game soundtrack releases.

Being released by Music On Vinyl also means that this will receive a wide release and will be available through several online and physical record stores.

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture - Mockup

Square Enix to release a vinyl album with arranged music from Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross

Square Enix have put up a listing on their Japanese store for the vinyl album “To Far Away Times: Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Arrangement Album”.¬†It is currently only available to order from the Japanese Square Enix Store (which only ships within Japan), but with recent trends there should at least be hope that it’ll be made available in the EU as well.

It’s set to release on December 16, 2015 for 4,860 yen (~$41/~‚ā¨36).

This is the first time that Yasunori Mitsuda’s music from these games will be made available on vinyl. The tracks chosen for this album are as follows:

  • From Chrono Trigger
    • Wind Scene
    • Schala’s Theme
    • Corridors Of Time
    • On The Other Side / Epilogue ~ To Good Friends
    • To Far Away Times
  • From Chrono Cross
    • Time’s Scar
    • Radical Dreamers
    • The Frozen Flame
    • Marbule
    • The Bend Of Time

Chrono Trigger & Chrono Chross Arranged - Mockup