iam8bit to release the soundtrack to Runbow on vinyl

iam8bit have announced that they will be releasing Dan Rodigues’ and Dave Proctor’s soundtrack to the game Runbow on vinyl.

The release will be a 2LP in a single record jacket with new art by Mario Graciotti. The records themselves come on 180g “ColourMaster” marbled vinyl (which in this case means one record on blue and one on pink marbled vinyl). The album will include volumes 1 and 2 of the soundtrack and also include a digital download.

The record is scheduled to release Q2 2017 and is limited to 2000 copies.

Preorders will open February 16, 2017 via iam8bit’s US store here and their UK/EU store here.

Runbow - Mockup Runbow - Mockup

R23X’s Katamari Fantasy flexi can be ordered via The Yetee now

The Yetee have just begun taking orders for their release of R23X’s Katamari Fantasy, which features mashups of Katamari Damacy and Final Fantasy music. The release was first sold at this year’s MAGfest.

The release is a flexi disc that comes in a cover featuring artwork by Drew Wise. As something special this will be a timed release and will only be available between February 13 to 15 (ending at 11:23PM CST).

If you’re curious about the music – you can stream the whole thing on Soundbutt here.

It can be ordered via The Yetee here.

katamarifantasy-front Katamari Fantasy - Back Cover

Viper Phase 1 LP now available online – in Japan

This post is kind of an exception since I normally write about new releases before they release, but this one is already out. More about that in the bottom of this post.

On January 27, 2017 bootleg! Records released the soundtrack to the 1995 arcade shooter Viper Phase 1 on vinyl.  The following day this was celebrated with a signing session with the composer, Go Sato. However, it was only released in bootleg! Records’ store (bootleg! Store) in Tokyo, Japan.

The release is a single 12″ black vinyl LP house in a standard jacket with game art on the front cover. The back cover features the tracklist and credits. And to top it off only 100 copies have been pressed.

And just to clear any confusion – despite the label name bootleg! records, this release have been done in collaboration with the game’s composer, Go Sato, and the game’s studio, Seibu-Kahatsu.

How do you get a copy, then? Well, they recently opened an online store for their own merch (they are publishing books as well). They only ship to Japan at the moment, but have said on Twitter that they are working on a store for shipping overseas.

You can find the Viper Phase 1 release on their Japan-only webstore here.

Viper Phase 1 - Front Cover

iam8bit will be releasing the Headlander soundtrack on vinyl

It was confirmed Summer last year that Headlander would get a vinyl release, and now there’s finally news about it! David Earl’s soundtrack will be released on vinyl by iam8bit.

It will be a gatefold 2LP release on 180g “R.O.O.D. Nebula” colored vinyl. One record is red and black merge and the other is orange and black merge. It will feature brand new psychedelic cover art by Lee Petty and will be limited to 2000 copies.

The release is priced at $40 and is scheduled to be released in Q2 2017.

Preorders will open Thursday (January 19, 2017) via iam8bit’s US store here and their UK store here.

Headlander - Front & Back Cover Headlander - Gatefold

Mondo ready with their Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest release

Mondo released the first Castlevania OST on a 10″ last year as the first Konami video game release of many. Today they announced the release of their next Konami title and it will be Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest.

Like the first one, this will be a 10″ release. This time on blue vinyl with green splatter and brand new artwork by Eric Powell (see below). Side A will contain the NES version of the soundtrack while Side B will contain the Famicom version of the soundtrack.

This will be the second in their Castlevania series where Castlevania III, Super Castlevania IV, and Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night have also been confirmed.

It will be priced at $20 and will be available from Mondo’s store this Wednesday noon CST (January 11, 2017).

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - Front Cover Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - Gatefold Art Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - Back Cover

2016 – The Year In VGM Vinyl Releases

2016 and 2017 in Numbers

I’ve been plotting this post for a while, because 2016 has been an insane year for VGM vinyl fans and collectors. And what better way than starting a new year by taking a look back at the old one?

Before getting started I can reveal that 2016 has been (by far) the year with most VGM vinyl releases ever. A rough count says that we’ve had around 90 new titles (including both retail and promo only releases). For reference, previous record years 2015 and 1987 had just over 50 and just under 40 respectively.

It’s been speculated that the VGM vinyl market would be over-saturated if things are to continue this way. However, there’s 60 new titles announced for 2017 so things don’t appear to be slowing down just yet. It seems that the new year will be even more crazy and filled with releases than 2016.

The Labels

So who’s putting out all of these? Well, anyone who’s been following the scene will know that the big player right now is iam8bit. With 34 releases out (and another 12 announced for 2017) they are now the most productive VGM vinyl label of all time. A record previously held by Japanese G.M.O. Records who put out 29 records during the late 80s.

However, they are not at all the only label doing VGM vinyl out there;

Black Screen Records had a great year with 4 indie game soundtrack releases and 2 announcements for the new year so far.

Data Discs continued with great SEGA releases and added 5 new ones – including the highly anticipated Streets Of Rage 2 soundtrack – to their discography. And there’s already 2 announced releases coming out in 2017.

Ship To Shore PhonoCo. also put out 4 new titles – 2 of which are the first in a series of releases featuring music from Taito and Konami games. And they have 8 new titles planned for the new year – starting with the anticipated Snatcher soundtrack.

Mondo only had one new release – the Castlevania soundtrack. They did however announce a big Konami partnership, so while no dates have been confirmed, 2017 looks to be an exciting year from them.

Spacelab9 added 3 new titles to their discography and I have it on good authority that we’ll be seeing more VGM releases in the new year. There are no concrete announcements, but there have been some hints about what’s to come.

Then we have Ghost Ramp who put out their first 3 VGM vinyl releases in 2016 and have 4 upcoming titles announced.

Another 2016 debutant is Laced Records who stormed onto the VGM vinyl world with their succesful Hotline Miami Kickstarter. They also had a good year with 6 releases. No announcements for 2017 so far, but I think we’ll hear news soon enough.

Want to read more about VGM vinyl labels? I have a small page listing them all with links for their sites right here.

These are of course not the only labels, but they are the most active ones. Not to mention that several releases have been self-released by composers and developers as well.

Blip Blop in 2016 (also in numbers)

Well, it’s been an active year in VGM vinyl, which means it’s been an active year for me. Blip Blop celebrated its first anniversary back in July (meaning we’ve been rocking this thing for almost 1½ year now!).

I ran my first ever contest with Spacelab9 where two lucky participants won copies of the Fallout 4 picture disc, which was great fun.

I also wrote my 100th post for Blip Blop recently, and announced that I had added the 700th release to the directory. Well, right now we’re sitting at 788 releases so we’ll see an announcement for 800 available releases soon enough.

The site is covering releases with music from 918 games from 66 different gaming platforms.

How about visitors? Well, since launching the site on the new domain back in February there’s been 13,308 different visitors to the site. More than half of all visitors are from the United States (with the United Kingdom and Germany having the second and third most visitors with just under 10% each). Each month half of all visitors are people who have previously visited this site – so you guys keep coming back! Most of you are coming from Google, but after that most of you seem to be visiting from social media sites (Twitter, Reddit and Facebook in particular).

So what’s planned for 2017? I have some ideas to implement a few requested features and pages, but I’m not a great programmer so it might take a little while. There are some secret projects planned, that I can’t talk about yet – but they will be cool! Other than that Blip Blop will keep on rolling like it’s done for the past year and a half. And as usual, please send me any good ideas and suggestions for the site and I’ll see what I can do.

So this was 2016! The first full year of Blip Blop. I hope you’ve had as much fun with VGM vinyl as I’ve had so far and that 2017 turns out to be just as fantastic.

Nuclear Throne preorders are live now via Ghost Ramp

Back in April Ghost Ramp announced that they will be releasing Jukio Kallio’s (aka. Kozilek) soundtrack to the game Nuclear Throne on vinyl. And now we have more details!

The release will be a 2LP with one record on “nuclear sludge” green and the other a picture disc with character art. It comes in a gatefold jacket with a die-cut front and features new original artwork by Justin Chan. The release will also come with a digital download of the soundtrack.

Furthermore there is also a special edition available that comes with an enamel pin, two stickers and some “Ghost Ramp extras”.

The release is scheduled to release in April 2017. Preorders are live now via Ghost Ramp here – $40 for the regular version and $50 for the special edition.

Nuclear Throne - Mockup Front Nuclear Throne - Mockup Gatefold

Black Screen Records to release the Dear Esther soundtrack on vinyl

Black Screen Records have announced that they will be releasing Jessica Curry’s acclaimed soundtrack to the game Dear Esther on vinyl.

The release will be a 2LP available on 180g black or 180g limited edition white vinyl. It will be cut at 45RPM and remastered specifically for vinyl. It will also feature new original artwork by Alex Grahame and liner notes by Jessica Curry. Finally, it also comes with a download code for the game and the digital soundtrack.

It is priced at €30 and is scheduled to release on February 14, 2017. Preorders are open now via Black Screen Records.

Dear Esther - Front + Vinyl Dear Esther - Sleeve Art

Sunset Riders 10″ being released by iam8bit

iam8bit have just announced that they will be releasing Motoaki Furukawa’s soundtrack to the 1991 arcade game Sunset Riders on vinyl. The release comes out in commemoration of the game’s 25th anniversary.

The release comes on a “clear smoke” 10″ record in a jacket with brand new artwork by Drew Wise. The jacket comes with die-cut bullet holes to match the game’s Western theme.

Preorders have opened now and the release, which is limited to 1000 copies, is scheduled to go out in Q2 2017.

It can be preordered via iam8bit’s US store here or their UK/EU store here.

Sunset Riders - Mockup Front Sunset Riders - Mockup Front

Gamer’s Edition to release the Rogue Legacy soundtrack on vinyl

Late last week Gamer’s Edition teased us with an Instagram post of them playing a test pressing and this week we have the announcement. They will be bringing the Rogue Legacy soundtrack by Tettix and A Shell In The Pit to vinyl.

The release will be a single LP on translucent lavender-colored vinyl. It will be housed in a heavy-weight sleeve with UV gloss and includes inner sleeves with game art. The release will be limited to 300 copies.

It will be priced at $28 and go up for sale on Wednesday via Gamer’s Edition and Mondo. There’s no specific release date, but Gamer’s Edition are hoping to ship them out before Christmas.

Rogue Legacy - Mockup