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Reorchestrated version of the Space Quest III soundtrack can be backed on vinyl on Qrates

After a successful crowdfunding campaign for his reorchestrated version of the Space Quest IV soundtrack the Space Quest Historian is now back with a new campaign for a reorchestrated take on the Space Quest III soundtrack.

The album will feature Space Quest Historian’s reorchestration of the soundtrack on side A (aka side Phleebhut) and James Mulvale’s take on the soundtrack (originally intended for a scrapped fan remake of the game) on side B (aka side Ortega).

If the campaign is successful the release will be a single LP on purple vinyl with red splatter. It will be housed in a regular LP jacket with upscaled game art.

To succeed the campaign will need at least 100 backers before July 4, 2020. The album is priced at $25 and if the campaign is succesful it is scheduled to ship out 2-3 months after the campaign ends.

It can be backed on Qrates here.

Space Quest III Reorchestrated - Front
Space Quest III Reorchestrated - Back