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Matt Gray has launched a Kickstarter for his Reformation 2 C64 remake project

And of course it also includes a vinyl option! After a very succesful (albeit slightly delayed) Kickstarter for his Reformation Last Ninja 2 remake project, Matt Gray have now launched a new Kickstarter for a new remake project.

Reformation 2 is based on a stretch goal from the first Reformation project, where Gray did remakes of tracks from other C64 composers. This means that Reformation 2 will be an entire album of remakes from other composers than Gray himself. The tracks aren’t set in stone, but according to the Kickstarter Gray is hoping to remake music from games such as Commando, Comic Bakery, Monty On The Run, Nemesis The Warlock, and more.

The vinyl version will be a black vinyl 2LP and also comes with FLAC and MP3 downloads of all tracks.

The Kickstarter launched today, April 8, 2017, and will end on April 30, 2017. If the campaign is succesful then vinyl rewards are planned to go out in September 2018 (and downloads in May 2018).

You can pledge now via Kickstarter.

AutumnKid is Kickstarting a C64 synth pop tribute album on vinyl

CORRECTION: I originally wrote that these are cover songs of C64 music, but they are in fact all new songs.

Belgian band AutmnKid have launched a Kickstarter for their album SID Waves, which is a synth pop tribute to C64 music. To do this they’ve teamed up with C64Audio, who knows a lot about SID chip music and have worked on Kickstarter for music projects like this before. All music will be performed only using vintage 1980s synthesizers and the C64 SID sound chip.

The Kickstarter has a variety of different pledge tiers with different vinyl options, including black vinyl (€25), blue, and gold colored vinyl (both €30). Additionally a bonus 7″ will be included with all pledges at the €40 tier and higher. If you’re into other formats such as cassette tapes or CDs, then those are also available. Artwork for all formats of this release have been done by Trevor Storey.

The Kickstarter was launched on March 30, 2017 and will end on April 30, 2017. The goal is €9500 and the Kickstarter is already at more than €7000 as of writing this.

If the Kickstarter is succesful then physical rewards are planned for an October 2017 release.

You can read more about the project and pledge via Kickstarter here.

SID Waves - Mockup